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    Hi, ( sorry for the spelling in this post, im from Denmark) I have an Tribute 19". when shooting it with an elevated rest my nockinpoint is fine. mayby 3 mm above. When shooting it of the shelf, I need to have an extreme high nockingpoint, 1/2" to 3/4" above.. I would consider my form as...
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    Hi, I always used to nock my arrows through the string as that seemed more natural and faster to me. I recently got a set-up with bow-mounted quiver (hoping to try hunting soon) and i noticed this would leave little clearance for broadheads (would I accidentally cut the string, especially with...
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    I read somewhere about a relationship betwen nocking point height and draw length, but I can find again, maybe someone help me to find again, Thanks Enviado desde mi XT1580 mediante Tapatalk
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    Gentlefolk?...allow me to describe a situation here you yourselves may have encountered whereby.... "While the entry slots of certain arrow nocks can be rather tight going on my strings serving?...once the arrow is full nocked it's sloppy on the string and could freely if not 'loosely' slide up...
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    Last week I went to Southern IL for another coaching certificate. The coach was talking about nocking points and was using a slide picture presentation which showed a brass NP. He said, "I don't let any of my students shoot them". He was a coach for a college and they were at a tournament...
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    It seems that adjusting my brace height from 7.25" to 8" fixed my issues and made my bow alot more accurate. I appreciate all the help and insight guys.
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    So I raced home from work tonight anxious becaaaaaause?..... This would be the first session where I actually had..."3 Fletched Shafts"...and 2 Bare to conduct my first official... "Bare Shaft Tuning Session Of CX Mayhem Hunters off The Hex7 Covert Hunter" which IMHO?...went very well despite...
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    It has to do something, but what. 0 to 3/8's is standard. 0 for three under and 3/8's for split. I shoot split and have been tuning at even (0) and 1/8 and 2/8's and 4/8's. I did skip 3/8, but I thought I'd try something extreme. Can't get the up and down kick out of a bare shaft. Started...
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    Gentlefolk...I've recently resolved a problem I was having concerning the use of "Tabs" whereby I concluded that a certain tab made of comparatively THICK cordovan leather proved unsuitable for use by me and was simply "Too Thick & Too Stiff" to allow the string of my low poundage target rig to...
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    Few questions Do you use 1 or 2 nocking point(s)? If you use 1 nocking point do you put it under or above the arrow?
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    I have been shooting lighter bows and ripping the spin wings off my shafts. I figured my VAP 500 were stiff so I picked up some 600, put together a paper tuning setup and went about trying Tuning for 10's for the first time....and I went sideways on the very first step. First my setup: 70 inch...
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    I am playing around with a bow. Trying to figure out some things so I can order exactly what I want. This particular bow paper tunes with a much higher nock hi than I am used to. My present bow shoots bare shafts and arrows good at 1/8 high. This bow shoots a bare shaft at 5/8 hi but does not...
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    I was reading the post about removing brass nocking points and it seems ALOT of guys are using serving material as their nock point. Is there a good link that shows how to tie one of these on? Thank you
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    Seems the idea is to have bare shafts and fletched impact at same vertical point or have bare shafts impact just slightly lower in an effort to ensure good clearance from arrow rest. Please weigh in on whether, in an effort to get more point on distance out to sixty yards, you can go the other...
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    I was curious to if I nocked off of my finger savers if that would be bad or quite affected and should I secure it down with some glue perhaps? Thanks, Corey.
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    Is the Beiter Knocking Point strong enough to withstand the stress of string walking? Anyone with experience? Ado
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    Okay, I am back to stringwalking indoors. Since indoors is one fixed distance, I can tune my bow for one crawl. Anyway, I was wondering which order folks prefer to tune and which variables you just set and keep constant: brace height, nocking point, tiller. I would normally set the brace...
1-19 of 36 Results