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    Sunday was a beautiful day to shoot in the woods. Pard got a cool pic of my arrow bending around the riser. Helps if you got 16 gazillion grain tips.
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    . . . a pleasant sight : Roosevelt Elk outside my front door . . . regards John
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    So I started my trad archery by learning on a 52" Kodiak magnum. Killed a couple of deer with it first season and was hooked. Over the last 3 years I have gradually moved to longer bows 58-60 and then 62" (my border ILF CH) but never went longer than 62". My thinking was that I was shooting...
  4. Camera Land
    We just received a nice delivery from AimCam of their latest AimCam Pro 2 These are the coolest shooting and adventure glasses on the market. This latest version, the new Pro2, has ballistic lenses, plus the new Sony 8MP camera and the frame has been hugely slimmed down and adapted to take a...
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    I'm not one to care about dings and scratches After all most of my bows are Hunting bows so it's inevitable Well some dings and scratches are unexceptable to me :) The bows I'm not shooting rest on a wall rack that basically goes almost all the way to the ceiling. Well I must of had a...
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    I didn't even know it was hunting season yet :) Maryland wrecking crew is out hard and early Congrats buddy 10 yard shot LOBO RISER RC WOOD LIMBS
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    Last night after work, I went to the range and shot a 14 target field round and probably had the best time (enjoyable) shooting in a very very long time. I am always getting my self worked up trying to get ready for the next shoot that is around the corner. Got to get this, or that figured...
  8. Hunting Camp
    Big congrats to my buddy George Johnson on his first single string bird
  9. Hunting Camp
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    This has been a perfect day for shooting. I hope all of you are getting a chance to get out breath the fresh air and let your arrows fly. The Green Stripe got out and stretched its limbs today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A nice example of khatra . . . subtle, but it is done properly . . . Video here : 🏹 John
  12. Bow Projects
    Okay, gotta commit to making some nice spliced-billet bamboo-backed bows or some extravagant cutting boards for my wife. Here's some of the wood billets & slats I've collected. Any pointers appreciated, especially if you've dealt with any of these before and ended up with pretty chopsticks by...
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    I got off work today and came home to a nice brown box on my porch. It contained a CD Archery WFX 25 with a weight kit. Nice timing on Dewayne and Calvins part in shipping as it arrived today on my Birthday! Coincidental but cool nonetheless! I took it out of the box, and immediately began to...
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    Received a call from my uncle, asking if I would mind stopping by, and helping out around the house today. I am currently bored out of my mind due to no snow fall. (I plow snow in the winter, landscape in summer) I figure sure, help him out, and we can catch up. After all the work was done, I...
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    Gentlefolk...I post this for a few reasons... 1. Is it seems the forums have been a little slow today. 2. Is to share my extremely pleasant and relaxing evening with my G1 rig with you. 3. Is to share some thoughts of gratitude that went though my mind while shooting and last but definitely...
  16. Hunting Camp
  17. Hunting Camp
    Saturday night I took, what I felt, was an ethical shot on a great buck. The sun was setting and he stopped right in the sunset at 20 yards. It was perfect for that 20yd crawl I was stacking arrows with. I let the arrow go and heard it make contact. Shooting at basically a silhouette, I did...
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    I ordered some Mountain Muffler bow strings and these have to be the quietest strings I have put on a recurve. They came the exact length I asked for and the nock fit was perfect for the nock I told Steve I use. Steve has great customer service and communication. I just wanted to my...
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    This isn't in Joe's league but I did pick up this nice little knife at the BBTC from the maker. Unfortunately I didn't get his name but he's a young guy from North Carolina. He hasn't come up with a mark yet either. The price was right. It's 7" overall with a 3 1/8" blade made out of 01 tool...
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    Seen this on another site and thought I would share. Waxing your bow string is an essential part of bow maintenance and knowing How to Wax a Bow String properly is as critical as the wax itself. This applies to all types of bows including compounds, crossbows, recurve and longbows. Waxing your...