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    Just got the email from NFAA that with this season being so crazy, they are having NFAA National field championships, outdoor target championships and the Dakota classic all one after the other September 22-27, be held at the NFAA headquarters in Yankton South Dakota. That’s a lot of shooting...
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    to all my fellow archers shooting nationals tomorrow and this weekend... aim small , miss small.
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    I know this happened a couple weeks ago, but I hope you all enjoy some of the pics and videos. This was the biggest barebow gathering at field nationals ever. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Pics In order Abigal and Laura youth ladies team members Kim and Jen team members Fawn Girard team...
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    I shot my first NFAA tournament this past weekend. I did shoot great, but respectable for only shooting the distance and target size for 10 weeks. Most important to me was getting to meet and talk to so many great traditional archers who gave me advice and taught me so much. It was a...
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    USA Archery just announced the days. I know some of you like to know way in advanced so you can make your plans. 2018 field worlds will be held in Italy and we'll be absolutely awesome. Top three in each class get the opportunity to participate in the world shoot. There will be youth and...
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    Now that I have a few minutes, here are some images from this past week at nationals. Here we follow world archery barebow rules, so you will see very similar setups. There was 86 barebow shooters at this even up from 45 last year. This baby is growing well. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Looking at Mr. Demmer's pix on another thread, I noticed that a lot of archers closed/squinted their non-aiming eye. I do that, too, but it's because of my cross-dominance. I'm guessing that's not the reason for most of them. So, why do they do that?
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    Okay, since no one has made any announcement here on this, here is a link to the USAA FITA Field Nationals It will be shot at Darrington Washington on June 2-4th, 2017 It will be selecting the Recurve and...
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    Well, we are half way through the indoor nationals for USA Archery. I shot at the Lancaster location this year for the first time. The last four years I attended the Fiskdale Massachusetts venue. I did miss not being there this year for I heard they had over 800 shooters there. I think Lancaster...
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    The TT guys are putting on a show. Mr. Demmer can I still call you a friend and can I get your autograph? :-) Excellent scores!
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    Final registration for the shoot in Yankton SD is coming up. 6/9/16 is the last date you can register Before a late fee is charged. If anyone is interested, check it out. 2 days of shooting 72 arrows and possibly a third. Sounds like fun to me. Final registration is 6/17/16. Thanks for...
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    So who is planning to shoot the Outdoor Field Nationals in Darrington this year? So far only two people, Timothy Gross, and Alan Eagleton. I don't know Timothy, but looking forward to shooting with him. I have not met Alan, but look forward to shooting with him also. I will be there. I just...
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    I can't believe no one has starting bragging about the scores they shot at Spring Nationals! I figure DeWayne shot at least even and Calvin probably did better than that. Does anyone know some scores or some good rumors?
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    Calvin and I are having a big cookout for all you trad guys this coming Saturday night at the IBO Spring Nationals..we will have both campers there cooking hotdogs and hamburgers and who knows what else. We also will be drawing the IBO Trad Teams. Come join's going to be a wonderful...
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    I shot my first indoor national with a recurve this past weekend. I really enjoyed it. The guys I shot with and around were great. I also got see some fantastic shooting. I shot next to John on Sunday morning (wow! Awesome shooter!). I had some great conversation with John and Dewayne about...
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    I just got word from Sheri Rhodes that this year's tournament will be back in Yankton SD, June 30th to July 3rd. I hope to see a lot of you there.
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    Reminder for all you target shooters: 2016 USAA Indoor Nationals registration going on now. Trad divisions: traditional longbow (off the hand), modern longbow (arrow shelf) and traditional recurve (vintage wood recurves). Check out more info here: Come...
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    Hey guys, I am going to shoot the National Indoors this year out at Chula Vista which should be cool. I need some advice about times to choose. I can shoot first thing Saturday morning at 8:00am or at 2:00pm. I am an early riser - used to getting up at 4:30am. I have not found out yet what...
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    I know posts about archery are getting rare around here these days but I just want to say good luck to all the guys who are shooting in Yankton this weekend. Shoot strong all of you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Check it out!
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