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    Wow some really good scores being shot. Nice shooting John D, Ren, and Tom keep it up. Linky. Chad
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    Congrats to all that attended! Congrats to Jeremy Stout, Trevor Fielder, Bill Curlis on their wins.
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    Hi, everyone - Information and registration is open for our outdoor tournament. August 18-19 in Albuquerque. Long distances with your stickbow! Everything is here: Come join us - and spread the word!
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    Episode 48 - The National Training System (NTS) - The Push Podcast Hey everyone! Check out Episode 48 of The Push Podcast. In this episode we spend the evening hanging with Tom Clum Sr. We discuss the National Training System (NTS) method of shooting a bow. Tom recently was awarded his Level...
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    Does this shoot exist anymore? I shot it in Florida in January a few years back but I do not see it on the NFAA site or their schedule.
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    U.S. National Field Championships and World Games Trials for Recurve & Barebow (Dar Anyone heard how the U.S. Nationals went in Darrington, WA. this weekend? Pics, video, commentary would be welcomed and appreciated! Where is Greysides when you need him? Lol! Don
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    Anybody else going to attend?
  8. TradTalk Main Forum Just checked the Saturday scores. Dewayne Martin is 3 up on John Demmer 286 to 283. Bobby Worthington in Senior Trad had a 291. Wish I was out there shooting. Maybe next year. Having trouble making this an active link. Somebody help me out.
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    Hi, Everyone, Registration for the trad divisions will be a little different this year. For USAA Indoor Nationals 2017 there will be two trad divisions offered: Trad Recurve and Longbow. HOWEVER - the smaller divisions are NOT going away! Modern Longbow, Traditional Longbow, Modern Horsebow...
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    But we had a blast, my daughter and I. This year's been rough, we needed a diversion. She dusted off her TD3 Warf( Thanks Steve...buddy, it's still here...) hit the range for about 30 minutes yesterday, and decided she'd shoot a tournament with me today. If there were a Trad Ladies Class she'd...
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    Hi, everyone, For those of you who like the long distance targets --- Registration is now open for the USAA Trad Target Championship. It is our 20th anniversary and we want to make it something special! Information and links to registration are here...
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    It appears that Team 2 is using Calvin Smock as its lady and is getting away with it! Does this mean he/she shot from the ladies' stake? One team has 2 ladies and is the only one set up that way on the IBO results page. I was under the impression that there was to be a lady on each team if...
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    I only know 2 final scores, both STrad Bill Gustavson 319 - 6 Mike Frizzell 364 - 5 Who knows some more?
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    I spoke with Bryan Marcum today and he gave us the OK to organize peer groups for the Trad Teams for the NTC. We thought it would be best to establish when everyone involved was planning on shooting. So far most are planning on Saturday morning about 8:00 or so. Please let me know we can also...
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    I'm planning to shoot the Spring National on Friday and Saturday and am hoping I can meet up with some trad shooters and avoid being in a group of compounds. Does that fit with any one else's plans?
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    Congrats to John Demmer, Rick Stonebaker, Vic Wunderle and all the rest that shot. Results...
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    Alan, Gary, Jason are tearing up the courses, scores I can only dream of, I can just about make 460 in practice on my home range, on a good day. Looks like I still have some work to do. Poor Dana (Redbow) alone in L/B, some respectable scores from him :highfive...
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    As the dust settled at the 3rd leg if the IBO Triple Crown 60X Custom Strings shooters once again found themselves on the podium. At the end of the day a total of 10 national championships were won by archers using 60X Custom Strings. The 60X Custom String MBO team.... to read the rest please...
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    This weekend over two days the IFAF National Championships took place in Woodville House, New Ross, Co. Wexford, hosted by Wexford Archery. Entry was open to all Irish archery organisations and archers were present from Wexford Archery, Warbow, Enniscorthy Archery Club , Wicklow Archers...
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1-20 of 65 Results