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    Well guys I don't have much of a video It's an elimination tournament that's rather fast paced so there is really no videoing till you get to the overall which I videoed last year when my buddy Ray was in it This year I left before the final due to Tony and John having long runs after we got...
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    There is a big group of us heading to the muzzy in the next day or so For those that are going I'll see a all there travels
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    I just got back from the John Musacchia 32 nd Abbual Invitational Stump Shoot (MUZZY SHOOT) and all I can say is I had a blast For those that do not know this is the original family that owned Muzzy and the history and the heritage is just well simple put awe inspiring So many people know it...
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    I picked up six 125 grain phantoms a while back. I had never seen one up close. I noticed the main blade is not sharpened at the very tip, its more like a flat chisel. I'm assuming that's the way they're designed, for bone busting and such. Is that correct? Also, have you had good penetration...
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    Just started using muzzy 100 gr, got sold on the idea of a great tip that punches thru target first, then cuts, they fly superbly from my LB, however I just found out the replacement blades are 2/3rds the cost of complete broadhead, not cost-effective to...
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    Here's an idea. I wonder is muzzy practice blades would work on turkey. This would cut a big hole and probably retard penetration to keep the arrow in the bird. Any reactions? Seth
1-6 of 6 Results