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    Just a thought on my part. I typically post here and lurk on other forums. When I first found Tradtalk it was very different from other forums. The folks here seem to represent the edge of trad and constantly challenge the trad police. This community tends to adopt sooner than a few others...
  2. TradTalk Main Forum
    I cannot use a Formaster because of multiple shoulder problems . . . I am limited to low angle shoulder work. This works for me . . . Low angle on the shoulder/forearm plus a low angle on the bow arm : Asian fashion Form work . It is adjustable any wingspan . . . 🏹 John
  3. Suggestions and Issues
    Many, and I mean many, threads on the main forum with Korean language symbols.
  4. Bow Projects
    Loc Do kindly warfed me an Ebay Mini Magnum. The previous owner had added a plunger hole to work with an original flipper rest. Unfortunately it was a left hand rest on a right hand bow and the plunger seems to be placed to best clear the medallion on the other side. I am planning on using the...
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    was just wondering what advantages do single lams have over multiple lams if any? and are the shooting charecteristics any different?
  6. Suggestions and Issues
    I log in to the forum, then, when I click on a thread to view it or make a forum-jump, I'm suddenly no longer logged in. It's really annoying to have to log in multiple times during a session. Is anybody else having similar problems? Is there any way to avoid it?
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    OK, here's something that has been a huge challenge for me, and it's frustrating when I see everyone else talk about the number of bows that they have. I seem to only be able to shoot one bow at a time and be any good at it. I can pick up my Gamemaster, shooting about 54# with some very...
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    For me, shooting multiple types of bows without sights, ie, selbows, straight limbed longbows, r/d longbows and recurves presents an “aiming” issue when switching bows. I’m wondering if anyone that does that trys to use arrow weights with the different bows that results in similar arrow speeds...
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    Just wondering why nobody has made a traditional riser with multiple shims to adjust limb poundage for one set of limbs? If you look at the way the old Martin Lynx limbs are made, it's almost like they just stuck a shim on the limb itself. Seems like you could have two or three shims, and one...
1-9 of 10 Results