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    the DAS TRIBUTE thread used to be appropriately up above the main forum threads in the section called the CLASSICs. I see it's now buried in all the many threads in the main forum. Was this intended (got to ask WHY?) or an honest blunder.? it's a valuable resource. I just went to look something...
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    Hej Guys, here comes my struggle: After some form changes to decrease the gap (tilting head forward so the string touch my eyebrow, little change of anchor point, change of tab) I have settled to quite good repeatable form, my gaps are excellent, max. 6 inches, point on about 22 yards. The...
  3. Special Projects
    I hope this dosen't get me banned from here. I'm simply relaying the info for the HBS folks to know where to go. Matt Hamilton (founder of the HBS) has given me control of this, and I have moved it to a forum where I can manage it. Rick
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    Hi folks, Just a returning archer keen to see if I'm still 'current'. I haven't been shooting for a while and dusted the bow off a couple of days ago. Primarily to rid myself of a couple cheeky blackbirds but that's beside the point. I reached for my Jennings Warf modded by young Warf...
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    Can anyone tell me the maker of this longbow? It was my grandfathers and I would like to know.. Just this gold logo and the marking f855??? Any help is appreciated!!
  6. Hunting Camp
    It was too hard to find, and too valuable a forum to leave where it was, kind of tucked away. It is now on the main page, just above spike camp. Here is a link, just to save those of you who came on this thread looking for it, some trouble: Trail Cam Forum
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    Noticed my form was fighting me or me fighting it, either way moved my anchor back and lower, now I really feel stronger at anchor and in better alignment. Only problem seems I shooting higher. I shoot three under because I had problems putting too much pressure on the arrow. So I guess it's...
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hello All, the Website has moved to a different server and is now Joomla, PHP and MySQL based. I just put it online. One or two things are still missing, but I wanted to see if it works, since the ILF website will have the same structure. Please check out...
  9. Watering Hole
    i moved the "alien invasion" thread to the political forum, where it belongs. the political forum was started to keep that sort of rancor out of the watering hole.
1-9 of 10 Results