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    Looking for a quiver to mount on a wood riser with ata bushings. Does anyone know who makes a quiver that angles the arrows so the fletchings won't touch? Alpine I know makes one but the hood is too small IMO. Any others out there?
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    OK, the plan is to get some Tusker Concorde glue-in broadheads, 155 grains, and mount them on long 75-grain steel adapters, so that they can then be screwed into the inserts in my carbon arrows, to make 230 grains up front. However, I am reading about glue-in broadheads not having been mounted...
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    I would like to mount an older 3 pin sight on my 1 piece vintage recurve. I do not want to drill holes. So far, 2 faced tapes that I have tried have not been strong enough to deal with the small area of the two mounting pads (3/8" X 3/8"). If anyone has successfully done this, please let me...
  4. Hunting Camp
    Now I didn't take this buck with trad gear but I'm really stoked about it as it's my first "big" buck and wanted to share. I picked this up from my taxidermist Monday night and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. If I changed anything, the next time I'll have him stand the skull off on a...
  5. Trail Cams
    Cheap and easy to build trail cam mount - Since I've had the plastic loops for the strap torn off a few cameras, this looks like an ideal replacement, with the added feature of easy adjustment.
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    Just saw this bow on the big auction site. Wonder if he had good arrow flight...:shooting:....
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    Hi All, Will the Great Northern Quick mount quiver work with an ILF and a Dalaa? I have both a Dalaa and a Sky TDX on the way and like the GN quick mount quiver that uses the limb bolt for attachment. Like that seen on the back page of Traditional Bowhunter magazine. Thanks
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    I know the standard Dalaa limb connection is more "solid" than an ILF connection, but what other advantages / disadvantages are there and why ? Thanks in advance. Cheers Pete.
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    Is the Dalaa riser drilled and taped for a quiver or do you need a bracket to mount a quiver? and wich one if you need a bracket, just want to mount a kwik kee quiver. Thanks Chad
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    I would appreciate any suggestions on how to mount a quiver on a 30-year-old Stemmler compound bow? I was wondering if a quiver could somehow be mounted to a specific model and brand (manufacturer) of a pressure button, located on the opposite side of the arrow rest? The only tooling holes on...
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    I read an older thread pertaining to the STS Silencer and looked them up online. 39.99 for an adaptor, a rod, and a star shaped rubber gizmo which allows the bow string to stop forward movement and reduce noise. I'm thinking I may order one for my DAS. Can someone tell me if this will work on...
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    I starting to put together accessories for the Hoyt Gamemaster II project I intend to put together over the winter. I would like to know if anyone has expierence with the STS Side Mount Suppressor, as I thought to put one on the riser. Your comments appreciated.
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    I was interested in trying the SRF (A) sight on my Martin Hunter 50# recurve. I wanted to try the universal mount because I didn't want to drill the riser. I don't seem to be having any luck with mount/sight sticking. The riser was clean, at room temperature and with full contact between the...
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    I'd like to get a quiver for my new to me 'curve, first I was thinking of a Boa two point...but it already has inserts drilled in it...just on the back of the riser instead of the side... Which quiver would work with these rear mount bushings? I saw a Great Northern quick mount that's made...
1-14 of 19 Results