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    I was weighing some of our new Epic RC limbs on a 17" TT riser and a Best "Moon" riser and found that I'm confused. The two risers only had a 3 pound difference in weight at 28". Does anyone have any idea what the difference between the Best and a Hoyt 25" is? Thanks, Mike
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    All, looking for advice and really couldn't find much comparing these 2 bows. Don't have access to either to try and looking for a Barebow riser. Which should I go with? Being a previous compound shooter, I've always shot "heavy" bows, so the weight of the 650 wouldn't be much of an issue...
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    Shooting serendipity with the Ming Moon 5 Notes: 1.) The bow prefers a .500 spine with 100 grains piles. This is accompanied by a 50 grain (long 2" ) insert and an asymmetric Beiter pin nock. Standard 4" x 3 feather fletching completes the package. ( A close second is this: 125 grains...
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    Particulars & Specifications Model: "Ming Moon 5" with the "A" Limbs Basic Measures: Strung length - 57.5" (146 cm.) Weight - 847.5 grams Draw @ 32" - 41 lbs. (@ 28" = 29.5 lbs.) Brace Height - 7.75" Nock Height - 9/16" String - Brownell Fast Flight Plus Riser: Billet cut aluminum...
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    Is Best Moon riser strong enough for 55# at 32.5”? My friend Roberto wants to try his Hex5 and Hex6 on my riser, is it safe? Thanks Martin
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    Anybody familiar with the Ming Moon 5 ? Rusty ??? (Horse Bow + Metal Riser = I will give you only one guess ) Interesting. Very much so . . . . string walking with a horse bow ! ! John. "The Ming Moon 5's three-piece takedown system (one riser, two limbs) is a first for Chinese...
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    I recently purchased a Hoyt riser and limbs and am in the process of tuning it. Plungers on, arrow rest is on correctly, but my arrows are constantly flying about 5 feet above my target point. I know ( at least I think I know) that it's not me because with my two one piece bows with wood...
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    Not in the market at the time, thinking of picking one up in the distant future (next year or so) I have the 23" zenit or mini moon and love the riser. Being both made by best what would the diffrences be? Looks like the moon will have more weight than the bb zenit? With both weights. Riser...
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    Ok so a set of minty Win&Win XQ-1's are now in my hands thanks to Willem. I'm having an issue fitting them to my Best Moon. The cut out slots are tight but fit ok, and the 'bottom' limb slips into place fine, but for some reason when I try and attach the 'top' limb it won't go in place all the...
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    I have a friend who thinks he wants to buy a Left hand Luxor or Left hand Best Moon. Does anyone here have such a thing they would be willing to sell?
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    I would like to set my BB2 at maximum preload but I have no manual as a guide. I tried the DAS method, which is to set the limb bolt (tiller bolt) until you cannot take the limb out, then turn it out until I can take the limb out easily. I would like to know how you do it. Thanks Martin
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    Hey guys, what happened to the color silver for the Best Moon? It's not listed as an option at Alternative. That's the one I want to pull the trigger on.
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    Just got a knock on the door, WHOO HOO finally christmas is here JACK!!
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    I have had the chance to personally compare these two Best Archery 25” barebow risers for few weeks and thought a comparison of my observations might be helpful to other potential purchasers. Both risers were used with the same components (Spig ZT rest, Beiter plunger) and three sets of...
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    Hi, First arrows from my 2new moon" (pistures latter). Impresive how it feels! Now I know what "dead in the hand" means. New string. My only concern is some "crack" sound as I draw. It came from the ILF setting as long as I can hear. Anyone had the same problem? What to do? Thanks Martin
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    Hi, For those who have this riser: Just get me "new to me" Blue Moon". I have a question about how to atach the weights, as they have a groove, have i to put a o-ring to avoid marring? The weight came without protection. Thanks Martin
1-17 of 40 Results