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    Hi, first post! I had a short fling with traditional archery a few years ago and definitely went about it wrong. I'm looking to get back into it and do it right this time. The long term goal is deer hunting. I'm interested in longbows because they are quiet and I like simplicity. I'd like to...
  2. Bows
    50 # Bear Montana good shape. Limbsavers on limbs . New string. I replaced leather grip with rubber, seemed to eliminate some of the hand shock.$225 shipped. Great bow only reason I'm selling is I have an Omega Spirit coming first week of October. How about $200 shipped sold Sent from my...
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    So I’m hooked on my predator Recurve. But a buddy returned a 50 lb Bear Montana that I loaned him a year ago. So you know I gotta take it out back & shoot it. Dang it, that thing is smooth & accurate. So simple wow. Now what to do?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just picked up a bear montana I'd like to remove the original shelf material and grip. I was wondering if anyone has done this, what type of glue they use and what type of solvent might be needed that won't ruin the finish on the bow.
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    Just picked up a 50 lb Bear Montana. Because you know , always need one more. I shooting 400 spine ,28 inch GT trads with 235 in the front out of my 52# predator. Are these gonna be close to what I need for this Montana
  6. Hunting Camp
    Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (Region 1) 20 hrs · FWP Grizzly Bear Biologists incidentally captured two adult male grizzly bears in Northwest Montana in August. The bears were safely re-released on-site without being drugged or handled.
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    I'm picking up a 45# Montana just to use as a fun bow, maybe a little hunting. It is a 2008 model with the original string. From what I read, a better string will bring it to life. Suggestions appreciated.
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    Anyone from Washington, Idaho or Montana headed to the shoot first Saturday in may?
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    Hi all, I have a Montana and I love it. Not a fast bow, nothing special, boring looks but I enjoy shooting it a lot and think about switching from split fingers to three under. My draw is 28" - shouldn't be a problem, right? Jan
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    It will be arriving today it has a unusual medallion its fred bears face it sits flush with riser. Never seen one like it! Anyone have info on this!
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    Hi all, Looking to step up my quality in my flat bow, my first bow is a cheap n chearful buck trail black hawk, which I enjoy to shoot, I was originally going for a falco spirit, but I shot the bear Montana today anyone shoot one, I will be keeping the next bow for a whole so any advice is...
1-11 of 57 Results