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    Hey I just picked up a bear mini mag warfed riser. I put some 45 lb dryad acs legend recurve limbs on it. First off this thing shoots lights out, smooth drawing. Quiet, throws a 540 grain arrows fast. Absolutely love it.. so it’s just over 60 inches. I have brace height at 7&3/4 . Does that...
  2. Bows
    I have a couple Bear Mini Mag warf risers done by Sam. Asking $165 with a grip or 135 w/o. I think I have 2R and 3R grips I will get pics if interested
  3. Warfin' Wall
    Hello, long time lurker but haven't posted in years. I have a Bear Mini Mag riser that I would like to warf. It is the approx 17" riser with the limbs that slipped into clips, no bolt holes. Who can I get to warf this rise? I assume it would have to be machined instead of some type of...
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    Learning to post pics also just like the limbs,this is all new to me.
  5. Warfin' Wall
    Hello, I'm searching a Riser. Loc did a superb job in converting a Bear Mini Magnum for me. But from the very beginning I was interested in a riser with the bolts preinstalled. Does anyone have one for Sale/Trade? regards stroey
  6. Warfin' Wall
    Picked up a bear mini magnum for$.65 at a yard sale this weekend. Seems to be two different risers called the mini mag.Mine is the one with the non removable looks to have been in a barn,garage,etc. for a while. When I took it apart the limb pockets look a little brittle. Does anyone...
  7. Warfin' Wall
    I picked up a Bear Mini Magnum off of Craigslist today that I would like to Warf. Will these limb pockets need to be cut down or are there limbs out there that will slide right in? Thanks
  8. Bow Projects
    Loc Do kindly warfed me an Ebay Mini Magnum. The previous owner had added a plunger hole to work with an original flipper rest. Unfortunately it was a left hand rest on a right hand bow and the plunger seems to be placed to best clear the medallion on the other side. I am planning on using the...
  9. Warfin' Wall
    ...and another big Thank You to Jonhdo! Loc Do warfed this Riser I got on and send it to Germany. Because I really didn't like the original painting I tried to paint it by myself - but this doesn't made the riser nicer... so I put it to a factory - the guy who sandblasted the riser is...
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    Hi all, So, I have a rear stab and bushings front and back gripside of each limb pocket. So, I can screw 5 more toys into a riser of mine. I was looking at some mini doinker type dampeners or some bowjax. Before, I spend money on these, will sticking dampeners all over the place help a bit...
  12. Warfin' Wall
    Hello folks, have a ? On a old post were I had warfed a bear mini mag riser. The post is there but all the pictures are gone. Is there any way to retrieve these pics or are they lost? I know bow bender mike had done one to. I wonder If I could find this riser and buy it back.
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    Did anyone read Developing Your Archery Shot Sequence Mini e-Book [Kindle Edition]? Is it a "piece" of the full edition (I have it) or new, write again version? Thanks Martin
  14. Warfin' Wall
    See 1 on eBay for $38.Not sure what they're worth but I had one warfed and it was a nice bow.Seems like they aren't hard to WARF from what I've heard?
  15. Warfin' Wall
    They have casting voids. I have done many of them and every single one has casting flaws so DO NOT load them up with more than 40-45 pounds of limb weight. Just a reminder because I do not want anyone to get hurt. Notice the voids in this first cut for a dovetail.
  16. Warfin' Wall
    Well, it's mostly done. Kind of a hybrid DAS I guess. I'll try it off the shelf first and see if I like it that way. I have Dryad Epic limbs on it at the moment. I haven't quite had the time to shoot it yet but I'm definitely looking forward to it in the next day or so. This was educational...
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    If you have one on order or were wanting one they are finally here. 5RH 2LH left. I get to keep 1 for myself, finally. I'm not trying to start a debate or anything else, just want anyone that has been waiting on the 13" they are here, I will be taking them to powdercoater this afternoon. So we...
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    Thanks to Steve Long I received a mini mag riser, he knew I had been looking for one for some time. This has to be almost as easy to convert as a TD-3 to Das. Guys like Steve make this site what it is MANY THANKS STEVE ! ;)
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    Rasyad sent me his data and I ran it through my program. I also compared it to Rasyad's HEX6 BB2 tests and a 70 inch HEX5 bow of mine. Here you go. I included a Smoothness comparison which shows that the mini stacks pretty early (no surprise considering the length). It also has a large energy...
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    Well, I've tried hunting with a bow quiver but can't say that I like it. I've been looking hard and have narrowed things down to the 2 above choices. What I'm looking for is a quiver that will easily attach to my 1000 cu. inch fanny pack. I would like the quiver to be smaller and as unobtrusive...