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    I really like the short metal ILF riser with longbow limbs combo. I have a 19” Tempest (as well as a 25” version for barebow) which I shoot with XXL Border Raptor longbow limbs, to make a 68” bow (my d/l is 30.5”). It’s a nice rig and shoots well, although as discussed on here previously, it...
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    Has anyone sell a G10 grip for ILF risers? I thought something like what VZ does for revolvers and handguns would be pretty cool. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Dryad's light metal riser Idaho mountains above a mile high! In spike camp with what you can carry on your back, is no place for a 6# riser. Mike and Jason Westvang of Dryad Bows are Elk and Moose hunters. They know all too well from experience what it takes to hunt with what a bush plane...
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    What options are there for aluminum risers under $350 that are 19"? I can see a couple cheaper options for 17" risers, and obviously lots of options for longer risers, but very few budget friendly 19" risers.
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    So?...about a year ago I had my first Hex7 CH that was 60"/45#'s and seeing it loved stiffly spined heavy arrows?...I wound up getting Utopian like results using .350 spine CX Mayhem Hunter shafts cut too 29"s sporting 250gr screw-ins. Now?...while they proved just a touch too stiff to hit tune...
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    I have owned and sold three Hoyt Buffalos and a Dorado in the past few weeks. I was able to get the noise level down on the Buffalos to a tolerable, to me, level and didn't even bother on the Dorado. I believe that the Dorado was as noisy a bow as I have ever used, including my old Bear...
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    I suppose someone has posted a thread about lining the back side of a metal-riser grip in cold weather. maybe you just use a good glove. Like many of you I have a number of metal risers and I don't like the feel of metal vs wood, leather etc. Just wondering if anyone has come up with something...
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    I currently have on loan the 25-inch Morrison Metal riser "Edge" model that has been making the rounds for review. Bob is seeking feedback on the riser. I will be at the 2017 Colorado High Country shoot next week if anyone there wants to see it and shoot it. Send me a private message or just...
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    I know you shoot better with a longer bow. How come you never see, say a 21+ inch Morrison for sale? I see short ones all the time. Did my first sentence answer my question? Bowmania
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    Went to the KY Tradfest this weekend and got the change to shoot Bob Morrisons 25" metal riser with 40# Max4 limbs, WOW what a nice bow. I had my DAS Tribute with Dryad ACS 45# limbs, we took turns with our bows shooting a lot of 10s, sunshine and mid 70s, good weekend, if you get a chance to...
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    I've never seen one thread on Sky ILF. How come they seem to be a nice looking set up? Anyone out there shoot one? Bowmania
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    I have a WF19 I like a lot, but I'm just not a huge fan of aluminum risers. I like the huge sight window of the WF19 so does anyone know who offers a riser cut the most past center and with the most generous sight window? I know Border's riser is cut 5/16" past center and looks to have a...
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    Metal is better than wood but is Phenolic better than wood?-Sid? I have ordered a Phenolic Covert Hunter I am also asking Moose to help push a phenolic Bear TD. My assumption was the Phenolic would flex less than wood and ultimately be better performing and quieter. While reading the Tradtalk...
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    Finally have some metal to hang my HEX6's on, Jager grip too :) Looking forward to setting this up in the new year. Cheers ****.
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    Hi All, I was curious as to what types of finishes would work well for an aluminum riser, if I wanted a flat black? Strip and rattlecan? Would I use a regular black (which is kind of glossy), then go over with a satin clear? Automotive paint with a matte additive for the clear? Truck bed liner...
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    I have been thinking about getting an ILF metal riser, and researching several. I have been looking at the Tradtech Titan III, the DAS Dalaa, and Bernardini Cobra/Mamba. Can anyone give some feedback on these, and what are some other risers I should check out? I will be using for hunting, and...
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    Currently have a rcx 17 riser, but think I really I prefer a longer heavier riser. So was wondering among those who have shot 21" risers which ones can you suggest. I am considering the following: Bernardini cobra Das dalaa 21" Sky archery TDX 21" Morrison A Warf but which riser Hoyt...
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    With a Morrison 19" Phoenix, what weight dryad longbow limbs will get me 42 lbs at 28" maxed out and backed off a half turn? Also, what length do these limbs need to be to optimize efficiency for a 28" draw?
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    i just saw an episode on History Channel's "The Woodsmen" series wherein a guy made a bow out of half a rim of a bicycle tire and springs on the the tips and shoot and killed a deer!! and his arrowheads were made of lead!! kinda hard to believe but well......... i guess anything's possible..
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    Hey guys aside from sandblasting (too cheap won't pay to have it done) what do you recommend to strip old paint off metal risers? Mine is a Hoyt Rambo.