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  1. Bows
    Samick Discovery R3 foam/carbon ILF limbs - 40# @ 28” (on 17” riser) medium length with limbsavers - smooth and quick - now 125 TYD ConUS
    $125 USD
  2. Bows
    Junxing "Traditional" Wood/Glass limbs 30# Medium on 19" riser Limbs made to match the TBow ILF riser These sell for $87-100 on eBay and Aliexpress Excellent Condition ~300 shots $60 shipped CONUS
    $60 USD
  3. Miscellaneous
    Size medium, large red and black plaid jacket. Used with a couple small wear holes (<1/8”) under collar and on back. This is one of the old 100% wool jackets. Too short for my long arms. Missing one of two buttons on each pocket. Great jacket that needs used. $50 shipped.
  4. Bows
    Hi, as the title says I'm looking to buy a Hoyt buffalo preferably in blackou. they've been discontinued unfortunately and have been wanting one since I've known they existed (about 7 years[emoji23]) hopefully someone wouldn't mind getting rid of one my budget is about $300 may can go a little...
  5. Bows
    I have two sets of ILF limbs that aren't getting used so want to move them: 1. Hoyt Excel mediums 30#. Have several nicks and scratches but have been good limbs. 2. Samick Avante Kong's 30#. New last January. Painted back of limbs camo for hunting. In good shape. Will sell both pairs together...
  6. Bows
    Just like the title says. I'd like your Jager das/Titan grip preferably medium. Thanks all!
1-7 of 183 Results