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    I think I'm right in saying that in WA Field for Trad Longbow and Recurve, there is no maximum limit for shaft size, wooden of course. I was just wondering if anyone has played around with this. I was thinking two sets of arrows. Fat ones for bugs eyes, and skinnies for distance. A lot of our...
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    by dthx123: Could I ask you guys to comment on what is a minimum and maximum % for .....I believe it's called FOC. How far past center is the weight supposed to be?....Is it the same question as "how long is a string" Or..does it vary with draw weight.....and do you set the FOC and then try to...
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    Yesterday I noticed a nice trail about 45 yards from where I have my stand at. Now I feel confidant that my 40#er wil be enough at the 25 yards, but what about further out? If I am pinning 10's on the target, what do you feel would be the max effective range of a 40# bow?
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    In the Dalaa's owners manual there's the Max Draw Wt. chart. I'm guessing the top number is the number of pounds that's safe to max the referenced limbs out at. Is the bottom number the number the allowable pounds to go below for that particular limb?
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    Just in case you guys thought I was getting a little soft with all this fancy, pants longbow stuff...this will let you know I'm not ready to start wearing ruffled sleeves, a feather in my hat, and go prancing through Sherwood... I call it Max...short for Maximum Warf... A 20" TD3 riser that...
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    Without getting into ethics discussions based on an arbitrary number, it would be interesting to know what everyone honestly considers to be their maximum effective range this coming season with their current skill and equipment. So here's a poll. It's anonymous, so consider what you honestly...
1-6 of 6 Results