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  1. TradTalk Main Forum
    I am looking at a set of 40# long limbs for my Samick Discovery and came on to these Tradtech Black Max 2.0. They had good reviews but I’m wondering is the carbon worth the extra money over the glass?
  2. TradTalk Main Forum
    Thinking about a set of these for my 17" riser in 45lbs. Anybody have any experience with them? Speed? Arrow spine suggestions? Durability, etc.
  3. Bows
    Had some issues come up with family. Got to start moving some non essentials Limbs pull 51 at 32” on this riser I painted the riser to break it up some with rattle can. I would think itd clean off. Bronze from factory Looking for 1100 tyd
  4. Bows
    New limbs hardly used Mediums 36 #s We all know their quality, I have two sets one needs to go. $700.00 tyd
  5. Bows
    Selling my 21” lh satori black counter sunk berger for springy rest. Long max 6s 46 at 28 have residue from limbsavers. Comes with rcore and jager grip 700 obo pp tyd
  6. Bows
    Limbs are in excellent condition. Very little in the way of wear marks. 51# at 27" draw on a 17" riser. Super short limbs. Make a 56" bow on a 17" riser. Purchased new at the Traditional Bowhunters Show in '19. $550 tyd. Paypal accepted.
1-7 of 242 Results