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    I am looking at a set of 40# long limbs for my Samick Discovery and came on to these Tradtech Black Max 2.0. They had good reviews but I’m wondering is the carbon worth the extra money over the glass?
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    Thinking about a set of these for my 17" riser in 45lbs. Anybody have any experience with them? Speed? Arrow spine suggestions? Durability, etc.
  3. Bows
    Had some issues come up with family. Got to start moving some non essentials Limbs pull 51 at 32” on this riser I painted the riser to break it up some with rattle can. I would think itd clean off. Bronze from factory Looking for 1100 tyd
  4. Bows
    New limbs hardly used Mediums 36 #s We all know their quality, I have two sets one needs to go. $700.00 tyd
  5. Bows
    Selling my 21” lh satori black counter sunk berger for springy rest. Long max 6s 46 at 28 have residue from limbsavers. Comes with rcore and jager grip 700 obo pp tyd
  6. Bows
    Limbs are in excellent condition. Very little in the way of wear marks. 51# at 27" draw on a 17" riser. Super short limbs. Make a 56" bow on a 17" riser. Purchased new at the Traditional Bowhunters Show in '19. $550 tyd. Paypal accepted.
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    Late Sunday afternoon I killed a fat, heavy 2x3 mulie buck near the head of a deep, steep, dry lava rock canyon on the Snake River in the southeast corner of WA (the lower end of Hell's Canyon). Darkness fell about 20 minutes afterwards, so I ended up descending 2000 vertical feet to my truck...
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    I shoot a 60# Bear Super Kodiak and wanted to add a takedown bow with a similar draw weight (55# or 60#). Looking harder at a warf bow but might find a good used riser and buy limbs. However, as I was looking at various risers on eBay some suggest there is a max poundage of as low as 38#. Is...
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    Everyone has said that due to the limb pad angles on the WF19 riser that most limbs come in heavier. I’ve currently got 2 sets of black max limbs here. One is marked 40 pounds and the other is 45. On the 40 pound set I’m only getting 43 pounds with the limb bolts slammed and on the 45 pound set...
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    It has been a while since I have seen anything further about the new Morrison limb offerings. Has anyone received a set and put them through their paces? Just wondered if anyone had a "real world' opinion yet. I'm at the place medically and from an age standpoint that I should never, ever...
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    I'm looking at Max 6's. I'm wondering what the expected poundage change is when going up to a 25-27 inch riser. has anyone done it yet? I know with the big hooks, things get goofy with the poundage to length rules.
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    Not sure if anyone follows Morrison on facebook. He revealed the new Max 6's today. Pretty impressive numbers, the new talon bolt down riser looks awesome to. I love the idea of a bolt down that can accept ILF limbs.
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    I thought I read somewhere that these are the same limb as another W&W model. Anyone know which model it is?
  14. Warfin' Wall
    Hey guys. I'm looking to get limbs for my BB. Just wanting to make sure I'm understanding correctly. Please "bear" with me. I have a 29" DL and want to get medium 40# TT Black Max 2.0 limbs. I would like to be pulling around 40#. TT is based on 17" riser, so since the BB is 21", that would...
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    The Max 5 medium limbs that I purchased today from moog5050 arrived and they look great. I mounted them on my Titan 2 riser and shot a few arrows in the backyard. Great feeling those super recurve like nothing I have felt before .love them. That being said, I will be selling my Titan riser as I...
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    Anyone tried Morrison Max 5s on a Stalker ILF? I am wondering what the poundage came out to compared to what is marked on the limbs. I asked Brandon but he doesn't know.
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    Considering a Sprig Club, BB riser, or Gillo G1. Hope to compete indoor and 3D. Would like to also set up the bow with short 45 pound limbs for hunting. Is this possible without blowing up the riser.
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    Does anyone have any experience with both these limbs? They are both wood, carbon, glass laminations, but the Ghost limbs are $420 vs the $250 for the Tradtech limbs. Maybe the better comparison is with the RC Carbon's at $400?
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    Well Santa in his white truck just dropped these off. I will post up pics tonight with a strung profile. These things have a big hook. X is 25 7/8" from tip to limb butt. Y is 19". Thanks Brandon for taking the time to talk with me on the phone. The fit and finish is perfect.