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    I wish I could spend a 3 day weekend with Jim Ploen to learn more from him because if I could hand pick a personal coach?....He's The Man! I have a 66"/40# Blacktail Elite and a 58" Pearson 709 Hunter...The Blacktail is cut well beyond center (with a strike-plate thickness that has my arrows...
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    Anyone have any experience with these LB limbs in XL length? I am looking for something that will perform well at 62" on my DX5 riser. I have some DAS Carbon/foam LB Longs that perform well, but find they start to stack before I reach my full draw of 29". Unfortunately not many suppliers for XL...
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    has some more photos up in the Photographer Showroom forum. - lbg
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    Some of you may of wondered why I practically vanished for a few weeks, but now I'm back as self opinionated as always. But then again maybe not, who knows. I'm a truck driver, the pay is not great, the satisfaction is huge. But,,, a little while back I started having dizzy spells while at the...
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    He's a relative new hire at work...he's been there maybe 6 months now and approached me yesterday afternoon expressing an interest to shoot with me asking if I was going to a shoot anytime soon. I smiled , chuckled and told him... "Yep!...I'm planning on going to the range tomorrow to do some...
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    This will become "drummed" into your consciousness.
  7. Watering Hole
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    I'm at a bit of a crossroads for single string archery right now in that I'm looking at going from shooting a stringwalking class back to fixed anchor. I've always struggled with big gaps and crawls since my face isn't really built for a higher anchor. In the quest for a higher anchor I've found...
  9. TradTalk Main Forum String walking creates many Bow tuning issues. Jimmy has some good pointers on dealing with anomalies created by string walking techniques.
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    We are excited about the new addition to our hunting camp. The 12 man Kifaru tipi will be perfect for our moose hunt this fall in Alaska.
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    Maybe not a bow story but I didn't want you to miss this story. So give thanks for what you have....jer
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    I've been in contact with a local fellow who has a Bear Trophy Master compound bow. I was wondering if: 1: is it "Warfable" (for ILF plates), and #2: can the riser be used for a "poor man's warf" ie-bolting on a set of Samick Journey limbs (non-ilf)? Thanks in advance.
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    Last year I got a 50yd POI using my hex5Hs at 15gpp with a low anchor & 31" DL - early this year Rusty posted about a horse bow which got me interested enough to pick up a cheap ($200 with shipping from Alt) Korean trad bow - it took a bit of customizing that was aided by yet another Rusty post...
  14. Bow Projects
    Harbor Freight 4" x 36" Belt sander put on its side... Two bolts threaded into the plywood under the sander to adjust to a 90' angle... Attached a 3/16" aluminum plate under the belt to get a true flat working surface... Works Great if you do not have a large work space or are on a budget...
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    I had a Finnish friend visit at the weekend (Euro champ in IFAA Historical bow) we had a blast, shot most of the bows in my collection, he tried my Vanquish he had that jaw dropped wide eyed look after the group he shot at 20y, Guess it was the same look as I had the first time I shot it lol My...
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    The big kids had other commitments so it was just Leo, myself and my shooting buddy Mike. We hopped over the divide and shot the bitterroot archers shoot in Cataldo Idaho. Just working on hitting a consistent anchor and getting some semblance of alignment. Not bad for a 7 year old - but...
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    They're not too busy and I notice the only other guy in the main room is shooting a longbow and a recurve. Also notice he's shooting small targets - and shooting them well. I shoot for a while and have to go ask a question about his recurve. Those limbs have a profile that I've seen here on...
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    No, not Fido. Man's other best friend. You know, Duct Tape! After reading that a good back quiver should be made out of soft leather to allow it to collapse against your back, I got to thinking about an old episode of Myth Busters -- the one where they made a bunch of stuff out of duct tape...
  19. Watering Hole
    I posted the story in the CFF forum but the story transcends religion. I was speechless when my wife shared it with me last night.
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    If you work a rotating shift and want to shot your weekend off...ya need more than one bow. during 3D season I can find a shoot on my weekend off with an hour or two drive. It may well be a local shoot, with good old boys. Not talking down about them, some of those good old boys can pin your...