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    Awesome wood filament 3D printed grips~~~proudly made by the friendly people @ RCore from Greece !!!! THEY smell n feel so good right outta the box, best of all, they support Mybo risers ~~~ can't wait to have them on the risers~~
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    Can anyone point me to any string makers that makes: 2 color 8125 / 8125G endless loop string 18 strands color combination will be: electric blue (or light blue) + flo green, with Halo 100% spectra 0.014 white serving under proper tension to make them semi transparent fitment for Easton G...
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    This is my second request about this. Some time ago I saw a thread on a member who made very nice ILF limbs but he wasn't one of the normal major vendors like Morrison or Dryden. Thanks
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    Planning to upgrade my present setup . . . Anybody know what the dimension is between spindles (on center) for the Cartel CX-1 string maker. Can't locate the distance . . . the longer the better. Thanks šŸ¹ John
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    The bow maker art lives on . . . "Full mosaic birch bark on limbs, white horn with painting, spun gold and fossil ivory on bow ears." - Zhou Xiaochu "Magic" is all I have say . . . John
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    I recently bought a string jig and was able to purchase some string from E-bay. Made three strings so far and this is the third one. Turned out well I think. Tan and yellow with red accent strand. This is going to save me and Harpman some money I do believe.
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    Hi, I haven't had to buy arrows for a while and will need to order online. I need gold tip ultralight arrows fletched, etc and with pin nocks. By custom I simply mean they cut everything and put it together as I'd like, I'm not interested in cresting etc. The few I've seen online don't offer...
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    Hey guys I've been a long time member but have been in active for awhile and for got my original user name. Anyway I'm looking for somebody that has hickory shafts or can make me some custom arrows. Any help would be great thank you!
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    Hey guys if u make or know someone who does, I am wanting a couple strings made, really looking for fast flight material in a Flemish twist. Thanks for any help! Austin
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    My serving is coming undone Im shooting so much. I need a good string maker who can make me a string for my Titan 3 with Long blackmax Limbs. Any recommendations from you guys? I need it to be low maintenance Some wax every now and then but can take a lot of shooting. Ive been using the Cheapo...
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    Does anyone know who made the DAS/Dalaa recurve limbs that were done in Natural Gear camo? I have pair I plan to sell and was hoping to ID the maker. Thanks!
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    Bought this bow from a friend recently and would love to know more about it's origins. Written on it's limb is the name/model of the bow and the name of it's maker, just cant make it out. Would really appreciate any info any of you guys may have. thanks in advance,
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    I recently had a custom bow (their flagship model) made by a well-known and long-time small shop builder. The bow was a TD recurve and was spec'd to have a riser composed of linen-based Micarta and Shedua. It was instead made from what appears to be "Actionwood" finished with a very black...
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    I recently started shooting some FANTASTIC Woodies. They are by David Lawson at Wilderness Custom Arrows. He makes a real world class woodie. I am going to be shooting his arrows in all my Trad shoots. Check him out.
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    I would like to recommend D Merrill. Dayrl makes one of the finest strings I have ever shot. Whether it be a Flemish for a longbow or endless loop for my ILF his strings ROCK.He takes the time and effort to get it right.
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    I have recently ordered my first 70" ILF riser and recurve limbs (from separate vendors). I need to purchase a couple of high quality and performance strings to be used for both 3D and general indoor and field target use. I would appreciate any recommendations for string makers, and...
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    I bought these limbs and wonder what brand and type of material they are. These are like brand new with DAS KINETIC label. Any help identifying will be greatly appreciated.
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    Need contact info for a quality but fast (yeah I want it all) string maker who can make a black and red flemish twist string for a bow marked 60" AMO. Also needs to be made from a high performance type material. DF97, FF, astro, etc. Thanks.
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    A friend of mine stopped at a "Barn Sale" this past weekend on Portland rd in Buxton , Maine. The fellow there had a barn full of long bows and apparently makes Flemish strings. Does anyone here know this fellow? I would like to make contact with him for a couple strings and possibly a bow...
1-19 of 26 Results