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    Article on bowhunting by Pope on page 26. This is a look at six months of the outdoor world as it was 100 years ago. Once you start reading the articles and advertisements you can't quit...
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    Was walking by the magazine section at the local grocery store and the cover caught my eye. Our very own Jason Wesbrocks name was on it. He did an interview with Denny Sturgis. It was a nice read. Congrats Jason and thanks for sharing a little about yourself. Hope to see you at kzoo again.
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    As you probably know, besides being an avid traditional bowhunter, Don Thomas is also a bird hunter and trout fisherman. He writes articles for a lot of different magazines, including Ducks Unlimited magazine. Well, not any more. I found this article online. The text is included below and here...
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    For those not a fan of 3Rivers Archery Facebook page I extend to you the giveaway that we are currently running on Facebook. 3Rivers Archery and Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine are giving away three different prizes. One fan will win a one-year subscription to Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine...
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    It's time to review our ad budget and look at our contract with TBM for our 1/2 page ad. I'm thinking that the print ad doesn't have as much influence as it once did with the buying public and that TBM has a pretty fixed clientele that see the ads every issue. How do you guys feel about...
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    I love reading old archery magazines, not only do I consider them an important source of information documenting the history and social development of archery but they also contain absolute gems of first hand accounts of archery technique and personal experiences. And, of course the adverts are...
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    Can anyone tell me what kind of bow those gents are holding in the full page Kustom King Archery ad ? And , who is the feller that is sitting ?
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    The front cover of the latest issue of Traditional Bowhunter Magazine shows a hunter sporting what I consider to be a very nice leather back pack. Do any of you know who manufactures this pack. I'd sure like to have one if possible. Thanks. Larry
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    Anyone subscibe to the Glade magazine? I had a trial issue quite awhile ago. I did like it at the time.
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    Just read an article in Nov/Dec Backwoodsman magazine on traditional archery. The author mentions Tradtalk and stumpin' with tennis balls. I gave up wheels for the same "fun" factor the author writes of.
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    The Fall 2009 issue of TradArchers' World magazine was mailed out about a month ago with articles by David Soza, Rod Jenkins, Jack Harrison, Lenny Rock, Steve Gore, Fred Anderson and many more talented writers. The magazine is available on-line at for $5/magazine plus...
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    Guys, I have some news to share with you. When I was at Comptons this year I was approached by Tom Colstad, publisher/owner of Tradarcher's World magazine, about writing for his publication. Tom bought the Bowyer's Journal and his expanding the format to serve a braoder audience...
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    David Soza mentioned this on the post he put up about Comptons. Anyone have any additional info about this magazine? I'm gonna need reading material to get through this shoulder rebuild and the withdrawls of not being able to shoot for close to a year by the time it's all over. A link or...
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    I recently found the National Field Archery website: and their magazine. In the August/September 2007 online copy Bernie Pellerite writes about how to find your draw length without having to draw a bow. Sounds far fetched... so I tried his technique. Wow, it works...
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    Take a look at page 13 in the August 07 Issue of Outdoor Life. Rick Duggan's 28 species taken with a "stripped-down " recurve. Looks like a Bear TD. Are those vanes ? It is nice to see a trad hunter have that kind of success.
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    While paging through the latest Bowhunter magazine at the local Walley World imagine my surprise at seeing the Dalaa in the new products section at the rear of the mag!! Das Kinetics. The virus is spreading.
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    I was in Barnes and Noble the other day and saw that the new TBM was out, so I picked it up to see what was in it. Besides the Denny Sturgis article and a nice tribute to Stacey Groscup, everything else was pretty lame. I usually pick one up but why, it is the same lame stuff over and over. I...
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    I was curious how many currently subscribe to this magazine. I've only viewed the sample content on their website but it looks like a magazine that I might be interested in. I understand that it has articles for compound shooters as well which isn't too big of a deal for me. But it looks like it...
1-18 of 20 Results