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    I want to use a 16 lb draw weight bow to focus on form, hook, release, etc. In addition, I hope this practice will help build strength after a long period of inactivity. What arrows should I use? The bow is a 66" takedown recurve and it can easily handle my 27.5" draw as it increases. Material...
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    I really love my aluminum ILF riser that has a very narrow, low grip but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a non-metal riser with a similar narrow, low grip like this, such as one where the entire grip section is made from something very strong like G10? G10 and aluminum have a similar tensile...
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    I hunt with 43-46# bows and always end up with an arrow weight of about 9.5 gpp. I am always in the 405-420 range. Currently I am shooting 43# and 405 grains. I have no issue with penetration using a two blade head I just would like a little more blood trail. I limit my shots and only take...
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    So the last few nights I’ve managed to get out for 20-30 minutes after the kiddos are in bed (It’s just ticked over daylight savings time here in NZ) towards the end of shootable light I start grouping 3” left from 15y-25y in my back yard. At first I put it down to form break down but now I am...
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    I’m setting up my 50# black widow. I usually shoot lower to mid 40#. In trying to keep my arrow weight at 550-575 grains. It is liking a full length xx75 2018 with 145 grain heads. Only problem is the foc is like 11%. I usually 15-18%. I intend to use this for pigs and my rescheduled elk...
  6. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hi all, I’m looking for a one piece longbow to practice form and leisurely shooting, something that is 30lbs at my 30-31” DL. I’ve been searching for bows 68-70 AMO and 25lbs @ 28” but haven’t found much. Southwest Archery Scorpion has a 25lbs option and favorable reviews. Others like the...
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    I wanted to see what you guys thoughts was on this. Especially those who are shooting low poundage. Or always have... I have been shooting trad since I was young and there are some durations or times during those years I didn't shoot trad all way through. But still shot compounds regularly...
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    Will any shooting accuracy or bow tune problems arise from not centering the serving wraps on the center of the bowstring length? I would prefer to have the servings protection of the string moved down 1” because of the bulky winter coat I wear. I try to keep my stance so the string doesn’t...
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    For $86.99 can't best it. Even free shipping! 30-40-50 pound draw.
  10. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hi all, I started playing with a fixed crawl on my 60” Morrison max 6 setup (15” riser, long limbs) and no matter what I do with the nock points, the arrow comes off quite nock low. It’s apparent from 5yds to 30yds so I don’t think it’s bouncing off the riser. My theory is that with my 31” draw...
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    The low shoulder technique : regards, John
  12. TradTalk Main Forum
    I've been playing around with low FOC (7-6-5%) and making long shots, trying to get a maximum distance.......without the arrow's path becoming dodgy and haphazard. Has anyone here ever done this and arrived at a definite low FOC limit?
1-12 of 123 Results