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    Just wanted to say to Alan,Ren,Ben,Neil,Greg,Jimmy and Scott Bills...the ones that couldn't make it to Louisville we truly missed seeing you and spending time with you. If I missed anyone I apologize. Dewayne Martin
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    I am shooting at 7AM on Saturday.
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    Ok guys, with Lancaster done and a huge success for barebow is it Louisville next? Do they have a BB class there or is it some weird version of Trad? I know a lot of guys talk about Vegas but that doesn't have a BB class either does it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just Opened Training Center and Range Perfect Release is a 11,000 Square Foot Training Center dedicated to the sport of Archery. The Owners and Coaches are dedicated to the passion of teaching Archery as a sport and focuses on the teachings of the Discipline, Form and Mental Control enabling...
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    I recognize a lot of names on the registered archers list, but just curious how many from here are going and what are you shooting? How many would be up for a TT get together, say on either Friday or Saturday evening?
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    So who all is going this year? I see there are already over 1200 shooters registered. I will get there Thursday afternoon. Hope we have as good a turnout or even better than last year, the Senior Trad division had 2 flights last year, more shooters than the adult class. Hope thi year we can...
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    The last day is wrapping up shortly. Got a chance to meet and shoot with Ranger B today as well as Ken from Michigan. Ken shot a 276 16x, I shot 276 14x and Jimmy (Ranger) shot a 265 10x. Jim Powell and Paul Vogel are still shooting but looked to be shooting strong. Some pics below.
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    Just wondering who going and if someone needs or wants another person to help split the cost of a motel room. pm me jim powell
  10. TradTalk Main Forum
    So who is going? My wife and I are all signed up for the traditional class and will drive down Friday in time for practice. For those who haven't been it is a great time. Lots of people and a good turnout of good shooters in the trad class and lots of vendor booths to look at. Usually a...
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    NFAA has still hasn't posted the results. :mad: Who won in Adult Male Traditional and what were the scores from both days?
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    The Royal Armouries from England now occupies the entire third floor of the Frazier Historical Arms Museum in Louisville Kentucky it gives a history of the British Isles from 1066 to early 1900's. Should prove interesting for some...
1-12 of 12 Results