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    I'm going to try my hand at building an endless string. What's the preferred serving for the end loops? I've got some .21 Halo for center serving and some 8125 string material.
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    I have a vintage recurve and it has an endless loop on it which I want to replace. Will there be a significant performance drop by switching to Flemish twist if I use Dacron B-50 for both?
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    I just got a Flemish string with 2 large loops. Is there a good way to reduce the diameter of one loop? Thanks, Woody
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    When shooting a 3D course do you prefer one continuous loop of 30 targets, or two loops of 15, each bringing you back to the start? Our club has been setting up the 2x15 course for several years, but we're thinking of switching next year. The single loop allows us to use some different terrain...
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    There was a question awhile back about how I did end servings when I build endless loop strings. In this post I will show how I do it for extreme recurves using a Spigarelli jig. The Spigarelli jig is relatively inexpensive, at least compared to the higher cost BCY Yellowstone and Apple Jigs. I...
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    I was never a fan of endless loop strings for recurves. However, when I bought a bow from John at John's Custom in VA (Breathn), he offered to send along one of his strings. I was an endless loop. At first I was not expecting much based on past endless loop strings, but a free string is worth...
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    Flemish string, single loop with bowyer's knot - anyone running this setup? I'm researching to make my first string and this method sounds very appealing because I only have to weave one loop, and the opposite end with bowyer's knot allows leeway for length adjustment plus the benefit of reusing...
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    So, in the last year I've learned how to make strings. I can make a decent flemish string but they aren't as consistent as I like. I made a 2x4 jig for endless strings and while the string comes out consistent they just take me a long time to get the loops right. Today I was building up a...
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    Hi this is my first post here, so be gentle please. I’m about to make my first bowstring (endless loop), I’ll be using Dacron B50, the string is for a border bows black douglas which was made in 1983. Using Dacron do you twist the strings, or do you serve without twists. The string needs to...
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    Gentlefolk...Here's a question that I've been dying to ask based on my personal observations and limited experience in such matters as follows... A week or two ago I grabbed my Super Kodiak which had been left hanging strung by it's string for about a month...(while I played with my new falco...
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    I've been making my own flemish strings lately and have always read about the importance of loop size for the bow. Seems the blokes always make the smallest size. Surely the smaller the loop the more strain on the transition to the main bundle. I'm not advocating a huge loop whereby the string...
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    I have an Asian style bow that needs a new string. It is [email protected], and with no shelf (off the hand), it is about 1/2 inch short of center. Finding an arrow that is long enough, soft enough, and light enough is a challenge. According to Stu, an 1813 shaft will get me in the ballpark on length and...
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    Looking for 16 strand endless loop FF materials. Any recommendations.
  14. TradTalk Main Forum
    Sorry I tried to do a search on this but could not find it. Does anyone know how many strands SBD uses to pad the loops of the 8-strand recurve strings? And do they double serve to get the thickness correct for noc fit?
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    Having some problems with serving separtation where the arrow nocks on the string! Using 18 strands of 8125 , .19 Halo center serving , Large groove -g-nocks. If I am stringing my bow with a stringer, stabilizers pointing up, top limb to my left. I twist the string back towards myself. Should...
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    How long do you make your end loop servings on endless loop longbow strings? I would think that they would be shorter than recurve strings. I am not including the end loop in the measurement.
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    Made a 10 strand D10 Flemish string for my #40 Montana longbow. Should I have padded the loops and why. I am new to this and notice a lot of commercial strings have padded loops. Also how would I make a padded loop. Thanks
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    i can't figure out if one loop serving is better than another. what loop serving do you use and is the reason to select one or another? rusty
1-19 of 46 Results