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    After reading a few threads on longbows I think I would like to try one. I had seen a review on the Scorpion and it looked like a good starter bow but what other under 300.00 longbows should I be looking at?
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    I'm new to this field, and I came here because I inherited a couple recurve bows that I wanted to become proficient with. I'm learning a lot, but I've never shot a longbow, and I have a question about them: Is it generally true for bows with the same length and poundage that the recurve will be...
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    Looking for reviews for those of you who own one or have owned one.
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    I've reached a point in my life (75) that I hoped wouldn't come, unable to shoot my longbows. I consider my Reverse shoulder replacement on the right shoulder and rotator cuff on the left. I have two beautiful Black Widow longbows that need a good home to someone that will keep adding venison to...
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    I heard enough of "the guys" talking up the 3Rivers bamboo longbow limbs. I got some used from ADAM GEHRKE aka tradslam....thanks ADAM. I was honestly skeptical......"no free lunches" thoughts. I got out my osbd riser (old scurvey bronze Dalaa) with Centaurs. Added the 3R limbs to my nat gear...
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    So lately I've found myself staring at a bunch of the longbows here and on AT, admiring them generally, but I know nothing about them. I've never even shot one. Thinking in the modern context here, but this gets me to wondering, what's what? How do the different designs express themselves? How...
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    I just recently bought a recurve and it’s been a blast. Many recommended a Samick Sage recurve for my first recurve and that has worked out great. I never shot a longbow and I was wondering if there is a low priced longbow that can be recommended that would be a good representation of a longbow?
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    I was shooting a range buddy’s Toelke Whip the other day and wondering if it was more common to shoot a longbow with it’s smaller sight window (as compared to many recurved) with a cant. I performed extensive and exhaustive research - meaning I scanned some YT videos - and saw that even in WA...
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    I'm getting back into archery and am vacillating between a Galaxy Black Ridge hybrid longbow and an Old Mountain Edge hybrid. Since I'm just starting out, I don't want to break the bank. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    I have never had one. I sort of want one. I've bought & sold all the others.....pretty much.....well a lot of them. SHOW me pics of your BW longbow, tell which model it is, length & pounds, and tell me why you like it......or why you DON't / didn't like it. thanks in advance.
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    who makes a really good longbow ? I have a Toelke whip already just looking for another brand for the collection.
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    It seems there are a few bowyers making 21st Century style longbows, never got the chance to shoot or own an original so I was curious to know what they are like to shoot compared to other reflex/deflex longbows and who is making these types of bows besides the Javaman Impala?
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    I have a lot of bows...started collecting Bear Kodiaks back in 1980. Then went to other brands Wings, Hoyts, Howetts etc. Also into more modern longbows and recurves. Big problem as I got older I went from shooting 75# to 40# bows. Got rid of most of my real heavy bows at least down to 60#...
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    Just to prove someone in Iowa wrong, *cough* Cody *cough* *cough* I thought I'd share my thoughts on modern longbow rigs. I've been a DAS owner for a long time, and though many of you may not know it, I've been a closet MLB lover in the background. I've shot REC class once and RU 3 times at IBO...
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    I admit I am a sucker for a beautiful bow but I would hate to buy one and find it was a mediocre shooter. I have been spoiled by my Border CH and Dryad Orion, both of which are great shooting bows. I just have a hankering to try a one piece longbow with some of those gorgeous exotic woods. I...
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    Anybody shot one? Looks like they build some really nice bows at a reasonable cost.
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    Anyone know what makes of longbows were used at Robion world 3Ds? Think I saw one Black Widow, just interested in bow choice of archers at that level. The WA videos are worth watching, great to see longbow, barebow and compound shooting in a team. Thanks.
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    Hey guys, I'm interested in getting a new longbow. I've enjoyed shooting the ILF system on a recurve that I have but can't find very much info on ILF longbows. I'm just curious and interested in your opinions and thoughts that have shot them. Yay or nay?
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    I am looking at a Selway longbow, and I'm trying to do research on the bow before making the trade but I can't find very much info on them online on forums or different websites... Can anyone give me any info, or reviews, or advice on these bows? Maybe what they are worth? Anything would...
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    The search continues for my next bow and I'm very disappointed in the lead times on a lot of these big name bowyers. I mean awesome they are making money but I'd love to have a new bow for September! I saw Bob Lee has a lot shorter lead than a lot of other companies and it seems he specializes...