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    The long weekend has begun. Today is my retirement day. Now I have to figure out a cadence moving forward. I haven't had the time to think about it. I no longer have to plan certain activities for the weekend. That will allow more rest and less wear and tear. That will be good for everything I...
  2. Bows
    Bought new in summer of 2019, used to shoot for fun in my driveway, took on 2 sits for hogs and threw it in my bag on travel for work so I could shoot away from home. Nothing wrong with it. Just shoot my 66" bows more (6'6" guy so the 62" just a little too small for me). TYD 700$ (Venmo...
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    I put one on me discovery for a strike plate and after 50-75 shots im already starting to see a wear groove in it.
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    I have a friend (I know it's startling) with a 32 inch DL. WONDERING if custom wood bows are built that accomodate the 32" draw length without exploding. IF you have experience with this, sing out with experience, and if easy tell bowyers that fall into the above category well? thanks in...
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    Hey all. Just wanted to reach out to my fellow long draw archers. I’m currently pulling back to 32 inches. Just wanting to hear what everyone is shooting! As well as any issues you may have had with certain setups or even custom wood bows!
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    I damaged my bow arm rotator cuff 6 years ago and VERY sadly had to give up my recurves and went to crossbow which is zero fun! Anyway way a young 14 year old was wanting to get into archery so I gave him an old warf and some 40lb limbs in exchange for some yard work. I thought I'd try to show...
  7. Bows
    Had some issues come up with family. Got to start moving some non essentials Limbs pull 51 at 32” on this riser I painted the riser to break it up some with rattle can. I would think itd clean off. Bronze from factory Looking for 1100 tyd
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    Pretty much everywhere I read about it the advice is to decrease "preload" by letting the bolts out if you have a long draw. And this may give a lighter draw at 30" or so largely because its lowers the initial draw weight and increases brace height. But isnt it actually making the stacking...
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    Anyone have any experience shooting these bows? Like the looks of the 3 piece take down r/d but haven't read many reviews. Ole grizzly jim seems to like them. Was wondering what everyone else thought?
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  11. Bows
    very good condition inpers 38 long. 225 tyd
  12. Bows
    SOLD Uukha Vx+ Long 36# Like New SOLD I have like brand new Uukha Vx+ Long 36# and would like to sell or trade them for Vx+ 40# or 42# Mediums. Will sell outright for $775 TYD. Mine have never been in the field, maybe 100 arrows through them.
  13. Hunting Camp
    Hey Steve back from Wyoming. Earl Hoyt conquest goes two for two!
  14. Bows
    I have like new purchased 8/04/20 I have receipt Uukha vx+ 48# long limbs for sale. 990TYD Text me for pictures 9405800387
  15. Bows
    Impulse purchase. Only used a few times. Normal ILF mounting marks. A few superficial contact marks. Come with sleeves. Nice fast limbs limbs with narrow tips and a bit of hook to 'em. These are $230 with shipping from Alternative. $175 TYD Lower 48.
  16. Bows
    I have two sets of ILF limbs that aren't getting used so want to move them: 1. Hoyt Excel mediums 30#. Have several nicks and scratches but have been good limbs. 2. Samick Avante Kong's 30#. New last January. Painted back of limbs camo for hunting. In good shape. Will sell both pairs together...
  17. Bows
    For sale Right hand CD WF 19 riser with TradTech 2.0 35lb long limbs. Bought new 5/12/20. Burnt Brown color like new. $625 plus shipping. Can text or email pics or call 618-792-7215
  18. Bows
    Would like to purchase the Uukha XX limbs in long, 30# or 32# Am open to trying their other 100% carbon limbs in 30# or 32# Also interested in purchasing a Bernardini Nilo x Stolid Bull x Border Tempest ty
  19. Bows
    Right hand riser, cant find the screws for the grip but comes with a medium jager 2.0. Has a few handling marks. $400 shipped. It does have the ILF limb pads. pics this evening
  20. Bows
    Like new. Used indoor part of season. $325 TYD USA.