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    at least that's what I did the last couple days! :lol: TT Member "Wilson" had sent me a 3D printed grip his son designed specifically for the Spig 650 Club riser. I deemed it nicer than the low wrist Jager this riser came with based on the fact that not only did the Wilson grip have mounting...
  2. Watering Hole
    I'm home on the pooter when the wife gets home from work and shrieks... "Bill!...Have you seen what Coco has in her mouth?!!!" I'm like..."No Dear"...(while I'm secretly so proud of our dog! LOL!) and then?..."The Extraction Process" :lol:
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    After trying out several sets of ILF "Longs" on this 25" Spig 650 Club riser? became apparent to me that despite me maxing out limb preload by running the limb bolts all the way in and running a very high BH and? best attempts to wring every last fraction of an inch out of my DL?
  4. 60X Custom Strings
    These two guys?:jk:
  5. Hunting Camp
    anyone else seeing gobblers mixing in with the hens yet? been seeing a flock of around 25 hens lately with 3 BIG gobblers strutting among them. season opens on April Fools Day here this year, most appropriate for turkey hunting.:) not going to be able to go to Alabama again this year, finances...
  6. Warfin' Wall
    The original TD came out in 1971, just in time for Wilbur and Williams to win the Olympic gold medals with it in 1972. This bow had an integral grip, and 1/4-20 stabilizer threads and 8-32 sight mount holes. This riser was available in 24" target, 20" short target and 16" hunter lengths. If...
  7. Watering Hole
    been enjoying the "making of a lion hound" thread from the beginning. i mentioned to Matt that i had a Plott hound that had never hunted. he told me to take her & try her on bobcats, that she would let me know when she wanted to go. this morning when i came home from graveyard shift, my wife...
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    So?...I had "A Want" that needed fulfilling...always wanted a Bear Takedown and never owned or shot one...scored an old (but very desirable) Green Stripe "B" Riser but needed limbs and did something I've never done before..."Ordered Online"...(I always call)...a brand new set of Bear #3/35# Red...
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    Thanks folks!....It's getting there!...I managed to drop back to 20yds and play some..."Gillo Golf" today. LOL! ;)
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  11. TradTalk Main Forum
    I've been shooting every day in prep for an upcoming elk hunt. My short range groups are tight but my 30 yd groups were bad. Worked on my form and it is solid. Sooooooo. . . .I put an old sightmaster on the Dalaa riser with a small SRF sight on it. Bam groups are now under 5 inches. Don't...
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    My grandson Riley...4 years old...he'll be ready to join his Popaw on the 3D courses soon! ;)
  13. Faith and Fellowship
    pretty interesting....
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    Hey folks...just got home a couple hours ago...been gone for several days...took a trip too the west coast with the family...namely?...Sanibel Marriot oldest (and recently youngest) daughters works for them and got the entire family (3) rooms there for a couple nights and figured I'd...
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    So?...yes..I love my WF19 I've affectionately dubbed "The Demon Slayer"...and with this risers integral shelf hump?'s DNA wreaks of trad hence pretty much demands setting it up to be shot..."Off-The-Shelf"...with many claiming it very near "Blasphemous" to use a plunger/flipper type of...
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    Work, work, work, work, and more work...finally got to get serious and try out a tab on the Morrison 21" XD/Sky TR-7 rig...been shooting gloves for quite some time now but since I formulated this new love child bow of mine to fill numerous roles?...tonight I decided to see how it might perform...
  17. Hunting Camp
    according to the mental midgets at Yahoo, a formerly rare genetic experiment gone wrong has escaped captivity & is posing a danger to the Grand Canyon. they are reputed to be so intelligent that they know when hunting season is about to open up & flee into the park. :p I read & re-read the...
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    Tickled with how I can leave my 60"/44# '75 Herters Perfection Magnum hanging ion the wall and not shoot for a week yet still pull off decent 15yd groups from cold out of the hole in low light conditions. I feel like a dork posting this because I bobbled an arrow...(it's been a week or more...
1-18 of 63 Results