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    Notice the clearance improvements as the Nock end is elevated. I like to use the lowest position that offers proper clearance.
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    GilV made a comment in thread recently about this. I had to look it up, and I thought others might be interested in a link I found.
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    Is there a unified theory? If not, are there any strong more specific theories?
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    I thought limb savers (dampeners) were set at the end of the fadeouts. Reading the directions, it looks like they should be set closer to the tips. "...locate area on limb for mounting Broadband Recurve no closer than 1 inch from string... If you de-string your bow by sliding the string down...
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    Check it out!
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    OK. We all know that everyone has a personal "formula" for placing string silencers on longbows and recurves. And everyone also knows that it is often an inexact science of trial-and-error. But here my proposal: I would like to begin a thread about silencer placement that embodies not only...
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    Hello Any one raised there Stabilizer location, up. [ Later
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    The one thing you never see listed is the location of the grip relative to the center of the bow vertically. I have 2 risers, one the center of the grip (where you measure brace) is in the middle (center) of the bow vertically, the other riser the grip is below the center and the shelf above...
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    I just got a Clickety Klick to train with but I do not want to put it where they it recommend it, on the top limb. It weights about 120 gr. and I just think it would not be good for it. I think I'll try to mount it to the riser and see how it goes .If you have yours mounted on the limb did you...
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    I built up the shelf on my Excel as well as the side plate. I made the high point on the shelf directly over the deepest part of the grip which corresponds to the "point" of the side plate. Works well...but it is a little, not much, ahead of the plunger hole. If I do want to go with a machine...
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    Is there a rule of thumb for center serving on Recurves and Longbows? I have been making some strings and trying to get accurate on the lengths. Now I have noticed a big difference in the serving location based on the center of the string between the 2. What is the formula ? Thanks, Todd
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    I've always placed my limbsaver at the fade out . Latley, I have notice limbsavers being placed at the mid point or what seems to be upper 1/3 of the limb. I believe I saw a program where Fred Eichler had limbsaver's within a few inches of the tip. I'm curious to know if anybody has...
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    I have a DAS Dalaa (50#, 58") that came with 4 rubber-like string silencers a month ago that have since popped off one by one. I just put on a pair of T.R.U. Ball Spyder Speed Silencers (two spyders per ball- screwed to the string = seem ok), but since I'm basically a novice archer, I thought...
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    I have a question for you bow builders out there. Where do you cut your shelf for the bows you build. First assuming split fingers, and shooting off the shelf, do you make the shelf exactly at the half way point between the limb tips, or what? And why would you not have it at the half way point...
1-14 of 15 Results