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    Article on bowhunting by Pope on page 26. This is a look at six months of the outdoor world as it was 100 years ago. Once you start reading the articles and advertisements you can't quit...
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    In Germany, there is a popular book on arrows by a guy called Dietmar Vorderegger. I've read it recently, and it appears that it contains a method for calculating appropriate spine values for traditional archers based on very little input data. I've done such calculations now a few times for me...
  3. TradTalk Main Forum A few scores are posted already :shooting::luck:
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    then taxidermy goes wrong.
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    Interesting link but in my opinion most is they NOT to shoot.
  6. Watering Hole
    courtesy of a talented artists website.
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    Lots of info...
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    Here is a link to a video of Olympic shooting in Athens, Greece. John Magera (limbwalker) is the first archer shooting. Olympic Archery
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    You have got your super duper, super flexible (functionality), and super accurate metal riser. Ya got a set of indoor limbs, a set of 3D limbs, and a set of field limbs. Of course an arrow for indoor, 3D, and field. I can see why these could each be a different set up to maximize the function...
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    Since my computer crash I have lost all my links from my favorite places folders.Can someone point me to Alternative shooting in the UK? I can't seem to find my way. :) THANKS
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    I just added a link that will appear shortly in the educational section. It seems to contain numerous potentially helpful articles on setting up and maintaining traditional bows. I think it's worth a look, although I have not explored it in great depth yet. You have to scroll down through the...
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    TradTalk Tee Shirts - $13.00 :thankyou: Thanks, guys!
1-14 of 17 Results