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    I normally mount limbsavers at end of the fadeouts on laminated limbs. Since there is no fadeout on Uukha limbs, I'm wondering if there is a preferred location. I was gonna mount them in what I estimate to be the end of a fadeout. But wanted to see what others are doing.
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    I very carefully was able to remove the limbsavers off of some Hex V limbs without any paint damage. Not easy but can be done if you have some patience and get under the disc with your fingernails. I did the same thing with an old pair of Reflex Tradition, Hoyt GMII, limbs. Both times the...
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    I've had limb sleeves from Hoyt, Kaya and even Border... and once you put Limbsavers on, it becomes a massive PITA to limbs in and out. What do you guys use for protecting your limbs when the sleeve doesn't fit?
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    I recently got some TT Blackmax Wood/Glass Shorts to replace my 30# Medium Carbon/Woods for my 21" ILF Dalaa. Brace Height appears to have increased from 7 1/4" to about 8 1/4" on the shorts but I was getting quite a lot of post shot vibration. (I tested from 7" - 9" in BH testing.) Much...
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    does anyone know of a way to reuse limbsavers? I have a set of limbs that I have to send out and would not like to pay for a new set of limbsavers when i already have a new set on the limbs that are going out. they are broad band limbersavers if that helps. thanks
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    Hey all, I am curious to know how many of you use these Limbsavers and similar types of "silencers/dampners on their TD recurves. I've had an old set of the Limbsavers stuck on my limbs for 6 or 8 years and I don't think they do a lick of good. Oh I'm sure they do eliminate some vibrations...
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    First, I've got a couple of little hourglass-shaped rubber goobers that were stuck on some limbs. I peeled 'em off clean, and have them stuck on a window. Pretty sure I could restick 'em. Worth fooling with? If so, where to put them? Hate to slow the bow down. Second, those S-coil rascals...
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    I know there's some here that don't go there so here ya go...I'll just post the vids and let them speak for themselves...then ya'll can draw your own conclusions...I know I was pretty impressed with the results.. "The Before":
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    What is the best location on the limb to install limbsavers to reduce noise. And do they effect performance? Arrow
  10. TradTalk Main Forum
    Does anyone have any tips for removing limbsavers without doing damage to the limb finish? -Dave
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    Where is the best general location to stick the Limbsaver brand rubber vibration reducers on recurve limbs? Near the tips? Near the riser? In the middle of the limbs? Also, where generally speaking is the optimal location on the string for string silencers on a recurve? I'm using the rubber...
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    Limbsaver makes several diff types of limbsavers..some are completely round and others have the slits cut into them (the kind on my compound). Im wondering if any style will work and also where do yall recomend putting them on the limbs..THANKS IN ADVANCE!!
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    Where is the proper location to place Limbsavers on a set of ILF limbs?
  14. TradTalk Main Forum
    Have anyboby had problems with LimbSavers falling of in cold weather (frost). This weekend I was shooting and some of LimbSavers fellt of - a guy I was shooting with had the same problem.....anybody?
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    What are you all using to reglue limbsavers on to your limbs?
  16. TradTalk Main Forum
    I am sure by putting these on my recurve I will quiet the bow down a touch but will limbsavers have any negative effect on the bows performance? Thanks in advance
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    Hi, I will thanks any advise on where to put limbsavers on a Quinn Stallion. Approximate distance from the butt. I bought some Ultras for my hunting Warf (PSE riser+Carbons) but get a Stallion and love it. Would like to put them on it to reduce any hand shock it would have (I find no hand...
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    Im always messing with my bows. Can limbsavers Ultra replace string silencers in making a bow more silent? Thanks Martin
  19. TradTalk Main Forum
    I will try some limbsavers on my warfbow, the little ones (have some ULTRAs too) DAS wrote this quote on another thread: “I put the bottom edge of the plastic base on the Limbsaver exactly 3" up from the top edge of the limb butt”. I think it would be a very good advise as he allways give good...
1-19 of 24 Results