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  1. For Sale Sold

    Lightly used, had for 4 weeks. Includes limbsavers attached. Price includes shipping to lower 48 states. Canada shipping may cost more. -Tim Johnson
    $380 USD
  2. Bows
    Samick Discovery R-1 Carbon/Maple Long limbs 35# on 17 inch riser Samick seem to scale their limbs at minimum preload. These scaled 37# @ 28" for me on my 19" riser at max preload with cheap scale). These have been shot very little, less than 200 arrows. Excellent condition There is a little...
    $120 USD
  3. Bows
    Junxing "Traditional" Wood/Glass limbs 30# Medium on 19" riser Limbs made to match the TBow ILF riser These sell for $87-100 on eBay and Aliexpress Excellent Condition ~300 shots $60 shipped CONUS
    $60 USD
  4. Bows
    Samick Discovery R1 Maple Carbon limbs Long (62") and 35# on 17" riser Excellent condition (~100 shots) $110 shipped CONUS Would also entertain a trade for R1 or R3 in 30# Long
    $110 USD
  5. TradTalk Classics
    Anyone know the Samick discovery 17” riser pad angle?
  6. Bows
    TradTech Black Max 2.0 Glass/Wood Recurve Limbs Medium Length 50# @ 28" From Manufacturer: • Dual Hardrock Maple core with black glass for smooth drawing power • The next generation of tournament quality limbs for the traditional archer and bowhunter • Designed in USA, custom-made for TradTech...
    $100 USD
  7. Bows
    Discovery R3 Foam Core Limbs ILF Longs - 62" on 17" Riser 50# Draw Weight on 17" Riser $100 TYD or trade for limbs with a lighter draw weight. From Manufacturer: The Samick R3 limb is constructed of a foam core, paired with a carbon lamination, and sandwiched between black fiberglass to...
    $100 USD
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    Anyone with a 28” draw length out there use short limbs? If so what’s the smoothest short limbs you’ve shot?
  9. Bows
    Two sets of limbs that I don't have a need for anymore. Was planning on using them for hunting when I first got started but found out I don't need anything this heavy. Black Max Carbon Extreme, 50# longs (62" on 17" riser) - $250 These have limb savers installed and are pretty clean except for...
    $250 USD
  10. Bows
    SHIPPING AND PAYMENT: Will ship within 24 hours after payment is received and tracking number will be provided to buyer immediately thereafter. Packages will be insured with carrier for full new retail value. Accept Venmo or Zelle. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or...
    $750 USD
  11. Bows
    Uukha SX+ Recurve Bow Limbs, 38# Medium. Super fast and super smooth. Live up to the claims made by Uukha. Outstanding limbs but I no longer have a riser for them so I need to sell. Have been shot but still like new. Received new from Lancaster November 2021. See the pics, only sign of wear...
    $775 USD
  12. Archery Accessories
    Does anyone have a set of 35# SWA Tigershark Pro limbs they’d be willing to part with?
  13. Bows
    Bought a bow with all these limbs but I don’t need them. Pine needle limbs win and win cc carbon limbs, 50# mediums $200 tyd Black bamboo longbow limbs, 45# 125 tyd Camo dipped win and win cc carbon limbs 35# 165 tyd Lost camo limbs sold Spray paint look camo limbs are 55# win and win...
  14. Bows
    For sale: ILF limbs. -Sebastian Flute Premium Plus; glass/wood; longs; 38# on 25" riser. (white). $70 tyd. -DAS (or Dalaa? I can't remember.); carbon/wood; mediums; 42# on a 25" riser (50# on a 17"); (Camo) $80 tyd. Limbs are used but in great...
  15. Bows
    I have some heavier ILF limbs. I picked most of these up a while ago. I got them for hunting, but haven't been hunting in a while now. I have Hoyt Gold Medalist 46# Mediums, carbon I believe , these look almost new $135 tyd Martin Aurora 44# shorts $150 Hoyt 300 Carbons 48# shorts very...
  16. Bows
    Hi there folks! Im looking for a nice condition buffalo limbs 35 - 40# for sale If you havy any please contact me at [email protected] Thank you very much
  17. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hey folks after a few years off of here as “catkinson” (I think I was) Have a new email since then so here I am back. Got out of traditional for the complicated compound world! I thought chasing big horns using a compound would give me an advantage all that did was make me a disgruntled...
  18. Bows
    For sale like new GQ25 with Spigarelli ZT rest, Shibuya DX plunger, Gillo bare bow weight. W&W Carbon black max limbs makes a 66" bow 41-45 lb or so. I went on a bow buying spree and am letting some stuff go.
  19. TradTalk Main Forum
    I have a bow project that calls for recurve limbs with the angled butt/wedge. Thanks Si
1-19 of 500 Results