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    In years past whenever I got arrows for a bow the first thing I did was cut them 1" longer than my draw. I tried to make them work with std insert, points etc. I never was " really good" with a recurve but just ok and I eventually went to compounds. A few months ago my interest in recuve...
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    I'm shooting 49# bow, 400 spine carbons with 150 gr total up front. They are 31" long. When originally tuning, the nock height (9/16"), length, and point weight all seem perfect as bare shaft tuning yielded great flight to 15-yards. Bullet holes in paper, too, at 6 feet. But after fletching...
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    I’ve been able to tune off the shelf with full length arrows and point weight, is there any reason to cut my arrows down? My DL is 28 1/2” and I shoot instinctive.
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    Anyone know the length of the Vforce RPS insert? Looks about double the length of a standard insert. I'm wondering if having an insert this long affects the spine like in the Victory VAPs with having a long shank in the field points. Making the arrow stiffer thus I can shoot a heavier tip...
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    Is there a rule of thumb regarding how much length cut off an arrow equals “x” amount of point weight reduction. Something like reducing arrow length by .25” is the same as reducing point weight by 25 grain? Totally just throwing that out as an example.
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    As of late, thinking of possibly getting a Bob Lee and wondeing if anyone has had any experience with both a 17" & 19" riser. I understand that the 17" has a slightly smaller grip so I was just looking for some opinions. I have always favored grips that arent blocky or too large in the throat...
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    Is there a resource somewhere for string lengths for Border limb/riser combinations? I'm putting long Hex 7.5's on a 17" Satori riser. Thanks!
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    Evening all! All the saga around tuning the bow has had an interesting side effect. I was so convinced that it was ‘me’ and not the bow (the limbs were signed on the wrong limbs and so the bow was in effect up side down) that I’ve noticed my form and stamina has greatly improved. My grouping...
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    What length bow 19 in riser with medium limbs I believe makes a 62 in bow what string length do I need and who makes the best string thanks
  10. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hi. I'm putting together some Easton Hexx's for full length Magnus Bullheads. When I spin test the bare shafts, one end is better the the other. Which end should be for nock? Which end for insert? I tried to find some arrow culling articles, but all the info was assuming you would cut the...
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    Anyone else draw length challenged? I’m at like 25” and mid 40lbs draw weight at my length. Been shooting a few years now and am trying to dial in my setup again. I had it dialed in with a bow that very recently had some unforeseen troubles. So I’m sort of scrambling before elk season gets here...
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    I just got a set of Uukhas VX1000 they are the 68" on a 19" riser. What legnth string do I need? James
  13. TradTalk Main Forum
    Measured from string to back of bow. 29in. I do plan on using a plunger/blade type rest. My question is would 29.5in be a good arrow length?
  14. TradTalk Main Forum
    I would like to learn a little more about riser length when it comes to the ILF system. Looking to get a ILF set up for pleasure shooting. Use for 3D, backyard, going to shoots for fun. Would like to know the benefits of longer vs shorter riser. I’m a 28” draw. Plan to Shoot around #40...
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    Looking for suggestion on making a 400 spine arrow work with my setup. Already have the arrows. Shooting a tradtech titan 40 lb limbs but looking at going up to 45 lb for hunting. DL is 29.5” Normally shoot 500 spine with 175grain up front, tip + insert. If 400 is too stiff I would just sell...
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    Am experimenting with adding a short length of 2312 (outsert type of footing) to the front of some woodies. What would be a good length for this sleeve?
  17. TradTalk Main Forum
    Anybody shooting both Trad and Compound? Curious how draw lengths compare. I shoot my compound at the 30" setting but it seems like my Trad draw length is less... more like 28.5" Wondering if anyone else has similar experience. I expect the release on the compound has some effect but seems...
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    I just bought my second black bear riser. I had one last year. Killed a deer with it. It was a pawnshop find I sent to sam and saved. Well for the life of me I can’t remember the exact setup. I dialed it and was lucky enough to shoot a deer our first outing and then it gained dust until I traded...
  19. TradTalk Main Forum
    I’ve a 27.5” draw length. Is a 27” riser too long for that draw and if not, what length limbs would be most suitable. Thanks in advance
1-19 of 457 Results