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    Who are the top makers for traditional leather back quivers? Looking for functionality but also high quality. Thanks.
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    Hi everyone! I'm new to the group and am a beginner archer. I'm having a lot of difficulty finding leather alternatives for equipment like finger tabs or gloves. Are my only options pretty much leather? Thanks a bunch! Ann
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    I've been on a 5 week waiting list for a handmade leather field style hip quiver that's going on week 8. I finally exchanges some emails with the gentleman today and long story short I dont know if he is going to make me my quiver. So that leaves me asking all you good folks of there is a...
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    Art Vincent is good at what he does. True custom work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here at our store,, we just bought one of those laser engravers so we can easily put a company label on our products. Works great for that. But this lead to thinking of other products that we could make. Just little stuff, like hair ties and key chains. My wife is always...
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    I'm going to try to 3D print myself a tab plate. Where is the best place to buy cordovan and suede leather to make the tab? Any chain stores carry this type of leather? I'm guessing I will probably have to find a specialty leather working store but if there are alternative places out there I'd...
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    Bought some old vinyl recurve cases along with two vintage leather quivers. They have some mold spot's on them. I haven't tried to clean the vinyl cases yet but everything I have tried on the quivers, isopropyl + mineral spirits appears to be useless?. The two solvents I mentioned appeared to...
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    I know we have a few folks here that do quite a bit of leather work. So rather than endlessly searching Google, I figured I would start with asking people who do this stuff in real life. Any idea if an upholstery grade leather, say about 3 oz. weight (3/64" 1.2mm thick) will take a leather...
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    Awesome set from Huff Custom Leather.
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    Smells really good :D
1-10 of 72 Results