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    I see the registration is now open for the 2020 Lancaster Classic. They've added a female barebow class and the 1st place winner of the men's barebow will get $8,000.00. Gee Whiz!
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    I’m coming back south from a business trip in NJ. Decided to swing through Lancaster. First time here and wow, very nice! Looking at a bazillion fletching and vane choices. Beautiful risers up on the wall. Definitely glad I took the time.
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    All those competing, Best of Luck!. I see Grayson let em know he's on the property!. 9.5 per arrow 570!, Great Shooting!. On the upper left click where it says divison, select Barebow then select Go on the right.
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    I received an email today. Registration is now open for the 2019 Classic. I probably won’t go, but I’m sure it will be exciting to watch.
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    Just saw this - finally someone made one widely (soon to be) available. If you ever wanted to make sure your bow was WA BB compliant here you go: It's not cheap, but it looks like a multipurpose tool...
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    Longbow is growing, at least it seems like it to me. My question: Is their enough of an interest in a WA Longbow class for the Lancaster Classic? I will post more to advertise other shoots but this one is just about the Lancaster classic, we can discuss other events later (i.e. Vegas...
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    Hej Guys, Perhaps a stupid question – is the Lancaster Classics (bare bow) opened for International shooters? Or just an US show? Thanks for answer! Dalib.
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    Hey everyone, We here at The Push are so very excited to share the next 4 days with you all... We spent all weekend recording audio with the great barebow minds of our sport at the 2018 - Lancaster Classic. We are splitting this huge amount of audio into a 4-part series, starting with Episode...
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    The barebow boys put on one heck of a show. Congratulations to all the finalist. Question From start to finish how are the shooters eliminated. Are there a certain amount of points to qualify or just the best in each step. Wondered about this last year but did not ask. Thanks
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    Who here is going? Spectating? Participating? Any first timers? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    This question doesn't affect 99% of the Barebow competitors but for the 1% ( like me :) ) , are string silencers allowed? I couldn't find anything on the WA website. Thanks in advance
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    As someone who has shot neither I wonder why barebow shooters would choose Vegas over Lancaster. OK, I get it, it's Vegas, party town, but from a strictly archery and barebow promoting point of view it seems a no brainer. Every story I read tells of how the NFAA and Vegas crap on barebow recurve...
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    Where do I start? This is an extremely well balanced riser. The fit and finish are impeccable as I have become accustomed to from the crew at Border archery. I ordered a 27" tempest, but in talking with Sid, it wouldn't be done in time for Lancaster. I had to have one and Sid happen to have a...
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    Hey everyone, New film just launched on our youtube channel. The Lancaster Archery Classic #Barebow125 film is a behind the scenes view of what the Lancaster Archery Classic event is like from the barebow archer's perspective. This event is all about fun, learning and being part of the best...
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    The question is what is a stab worth? With LC adopting WA rules I am curious what we expect the scores to look like with no stabilizer. I think last years top 3 brackets averaged around a 103 with a max of 107 and min of 99.
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    With the great number of barebow shooters at the Lancaster Classic, we get the opportunity for a barebow seminar. I will be running it, so please tell me what you would like the seminar to address in the barebow community. Some examples are, tuning, different events and tactics, tp and the...
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    Looks like the January 26, 27 and 28, 2018 Lancaster Classic registration has begun. Did I read the email correctly--$5,000.00 to the winner of the Men's recurve class? I see they've adopted the WA rules for barebow for the 2018 Classic. So... how many TradTalk members will be going this...
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    So is anyone else going to the October 21-22 Lancaster tournament? I'm signed up for barebow and my daughter will be shooting recurve (Yeoman division). It looks like a fun weekend.
1-19 of 68 Results