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    Hello! I'm having a devil of a time coming up with any information about Bear recurves from the '90s. I have just become the owner of a '94 Kodiak and I'm trying find out if it's safe to use "fastflight" or other long strand, non-stretch polymer type strings on it. I found the old bear...
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    I picked this 1973 SK off Ebay a couple months back. It is a 50# 60" bow and after getting it i thought I screwed up as I thought it might be too much weight and was going to resell it.. But after shooting it for a while I find it to be a pleasure to shoot. Very smooth drawing and quiet. I'm...
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    It was waiting for me when I got home tonight. I ordered this on Ebay 2 1/2 weeks ago and the seller shipped right away. After two days it was in Indy but then didn't show any more movement for the next 15 days. Then last nite I got an email telling me it was in Evansville. This afternoon I got...
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    Have one and love it. A deep history between me and the bow. The only problem is I have never been able to shoot it as well as I would like to past 15 yards. Is it just me or is the bow simply unforgiving bow? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Hey everyone, I was recently gift a Bear Kodiak Hunter that I am pretty sure is from 1970 or so. serial # KT.... AMO 60" 40x# I think brass medallion. My draw is about 26 in. I am looking for advice. I don't think it's been strung for probably 10+ years, but it did see some good use in it's...
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    The bow is in excellent condition. The riser is Zebrawood and Rosewood trimmed in Purpleheart. The limbs are bamboo core, Zebrawood veneers with clear glass. It’s RH, 57#@28” . Looks and shoots fantastic, just a little heavy for me these days. $350 shipped US only PayPal preferred
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    Trad experts, I am trying to help my grandfather get some info on an old Bear Kodiak Special. He bought it new and hunted with it back in the day, but it has sat for some time. On a recent visit we re-discovered it, and it peaked my curiosity. I've done some extensive online research but have...
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    I am lucky enough to own a Bear take down "C" riser, ~1969 vintage. The rest installed is a bristle type, in a rectangular shape and recessed ~1/8" into riser. As the original rest area is cut/recessed into the riser, it seems likely I can find some modern rest which could be trimmed to fit...
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    So i am looking to everyone here to see if anyone has any experience hunting deer on the road system in kodiak? I go up there every few years to fish but this time i have carved out half the trip to deer hunt with my recurve. Any advice or tips on hunting the island would be welcome. Any input...
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    Is anyone out there still making Bear reproductions? Specifically the Super Kodiak. Also is anyone making aftermarket limbs for the bear takedown system?
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    I really did search my tail off but I can't get any info on the value of a 67 Super K phenolic. I realize the condition makes a difference but I can't find anything on the web to go by. I guess since Bear reintroduced it that is making it even harder to find info on the original bows. This...
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    Greetings, folks. New to the site. I bowhunted with a compound bow for about 15 years, stopped for a couple then jumped right back in but with an inexpensive recurve. Awesome thing, hunting with a recurve, except I wasn't nearly as prepared as I should have been and it cost me a magnificent...
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    I have a bear Kodiak that has a small shelf on both sides. I have searched a lot for info on it. Needing a new string as well thanks in advanced
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    It seems that adjusting my brace height from 7.25" to 8" fixed my issues and made my bow alot more accurate. I appreciate all the help and insight guys.
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    Is it possible to get a replacement part for the inside of the tip for a Super Kodiak recurve bow? I believe it is a laminate piece.
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    Hello Everyone, I am pretty new to the Trad world.I recently got a 56 year old Fred Bear Kodiak Special Deluxe. Unfortunately the arrows I have for it are too short (30 inches) and too light on spine. The Specs on it are as follows: 70 inches long 46# at 28 inches My draw length: 32...
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    Hi All For those who have one, I've a 30.75 inch AMO draw length. Is this suitable for the 59 Kodiak? Such a beautiful bow! Thanks
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    Help: Bear Kodiak Magnum (trouble dating the bow) I just bought a beautiful 52" green Bear Kodiak Magnum 50# draw that the store claimed to be "limited edition" - I'm very confused trying to date it though because it appears to have an inset Bear coin (flush with the wood) of either aluminum...
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    Notice how I didn't use the term "Refinished"?...that's because as I discussed the recovery of this hot mess of a bow with Steve Jewett (aka "The Bushman")?...I was intent on relaying to him that the one thing I didn't want?...was for my Original '69 Super Kodiak Phenolic to come out looking...
  20. Warfin' Wall
    My cousin is giving me a Kodiak Magnum compound bow with wood riser. Is this model Warfable or good to do just a bolt on limb conversion. Thanks James