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    So ive been trying to get "perfect" arrow flight and im getting real close. my left and right are spot on. i can hit the same impact point with fletched and non fletched arrows out to 20 yrds. It seems no matter how high i raise or lower my knocking point my bare shaft is always knock high. ive...
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    Just acquired another Quinn, great shooters aren't they?, and shot it and heard a knocking sound when I shot it. Seems like the Quinn I had once before did the same thing for a short time and then stopped. Brace height I'm guessing? Anyone else hear this?
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    Hey all. Since I finished my First WARF I have been doing a fair bit of bare shaft tuning. Got them flying real good out past 20m but get consistant knock low flight. Impact looks good, maybe a little higher then fletched. I know off the shelf if they were hitting high I would go up a smidge on...
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    Benefit of 2 nock points! Just posting this in case someone else is going through what I just went through. I'm sure it's been discussed before but anyways, I recently bought a new DAS and was having a heck of a time getting arrows to fly decent. I was shooting arrows I knew were spined...
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    Just curious if any Dalaa or other metal riser shooters have tried the new easton lighted nocks? They work by a magnetic turn the light on/off piece that mounts to your riser.
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    Here is my first attempt at a tube quiver, along the lines made by James. Thanks James for the help. This one is 3" PVC. I am currently making one with the map tube as James does. I used one of these for the last few hunts of last year, and liked it. They are pretty easy to make. Cato
1-6 of 6 Results