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    Enjoy :) I don`t know if it can be saw in YT tags, so here is raw link
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    I was out at the outdoor range early in the morning on a Kisik Lee coaching day. I was shooting in the lane next to his teaching area. You can bet I was watching everything he was doing, since I am trying to learn his KSL method. I was looking for things that my coach has been trying to teach...
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    I was recently sent a PM asking about the book Total Archery, Inside the Archer by Kisik Lee and Tyler Benner. This book describes the KSL Method that I am learning and has been occasionally referenced in form threads on TradTalk. I had used various chapters that I found on-line but had not...
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    I know a lot of people here that frequent some of the FITA boards, have for sure seen this one already but I just figured I post it here for those who have not. It is basically a follow up to Total Archery that expands on the principles and techniques. If you have read Total Archery you...
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    Here's a link to Kisik Lee's website that some of you might find interesting:
1-5 of 5 Results