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    Im looking for an affordable 25" riser mainly for non-competitive barebow. These 2 risers are affordable and look good and I dont see anything bad aout there about them. Has anyone shot or handled them? Any thoughts?
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    W&W WINEX (DAS Kinetic) recurve limbs, stealth finish (One set sold, one remaining for sale) I have W&W WINEX recurve limbs for sale. These were custom finished and sold by DAS as part of the "DAS Master Hunter package" (they were top of the W&W lineup at $580/set). The finish is a stealthy...
  3. Bows
    Impulse purchase. Only used a few times. Normal ILF mounting marks. A few superficial contact marks. Come with sleeves. Nice fast limbs limbs with narrow tips and a bit of hook to 'em. These are $230 with shipping from Alternative. $175 TYD Lower 48.
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    I am familiar with the original Gen 1, Gen 2 and Elite from David, but did he make other models too? I thought I read where he made some of the original Dalaas. If that is the case is there a way to tell if a early Dalaa was made by Daviid or 3rivers? Did David sell any camo versions of his...
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    Does anybody have any experience with Kinetic Bamboom limbs? Interested in anybody’s opinion about any of the limbs offered by Kinetic also.
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    I’m looking to transition from Easton Axis Traditional’s to a less expensive shaft, and Gold Tip Kinetics have caught my eye. I’m currently using brass HIT inserts, and it looks like the standard insert for the Kinetics is the Accu-Tough. Curious to hear opinions on if it would be reasonable to...
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    Is Kinetic energy a good and fair representation of the release of stored energy from drawn bow limbs???
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    I keep reading that Easton recommends these ranges for hunting medium game (deer and antelope) and bigger game (pigs, elk and black bear): 25-41 foot pounds for deer and antelope 42-65 foot pounds for pigs, elk and black bear Shooting a recurve (or longbow) , I will never get close to the 42...
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    Hi, How good are those arrows? I’m looking for arrows tougher than my Epics. I hear that gold tip arrows are tougher. Thanks Martin
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    Can anyone tell me what make of limbs I have . They are DAS Kinetic Master Hunter limbs. They are marked CC Carbon .SN LBJCA680098., Made in Korea. I did a search but could not find how to identify which limbs these are. Thanks.....Bill
1-10 of 35 Results