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    Hey all, So on the advice of some I've changed my grip (it was very much pushing with the palm, med to low wrist) and am using mostly the webbing of the bow hand for holding/pushing the bow. here's the problem, after about 30 shots, my thumb joint is hurting, noticably. I've noticed that it...
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    I've recently purchased my first ILF bow and tried shooting 3 under with mixed results. For some reason, my head position at full draw puts my nose in direct line of the string. I'm trying to gap shoot and point on shoot this new bow, so I'm trying to get my eye directly over the arrow. If I...
  3. Hunting Camp
    Need to get some pictures of it but I picked up the DAS Tribute riser from my bestest feathered friend Steve a while back and have been playing with it. I get the priveledge to harvest 5 deer here in Texas. Moved here recently and bought a nice house on several acres in the hill country north...
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    A little 3D archery fun with my trusty Stalker Wolverine. Shots range from 20 to 38 yards.
  5. Political Soapbox Saving a Plane That Saves Lives By MARTHA McSALLY APRIL 20, 2015 WASHINGTON - WHEN American troops find themselves fighting for their lives, there is no better sound than an A-10, a plane...
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    Waiting on the Movie to come out. Come on Oreilly! lol
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    Or anyone else,,whether they have religious beliefs or not? Those who hunt down especially Christians or any other religious etc. I am so frigging down on this notion and can you imagine how many down the centuries who have had this same futile disgust with all of it knowing full well that the...
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    Why 80 Percent of People Worldwide Will Soon Stop Eating Wheat…or Die Written by Natasha Longo The future of wheat is certain, and it's toxic. There are as many health risks associated with the consumption of wheat as there are nutritional benefits claimed by the wheat industry. Why is...
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    Return to the Article November 3, 2012 How Ideology Is Killing Education (and So Much Else) By Bruce Deitrick Price A teacher in Florida called me up to rant about the educational situation in her state. "There is an obsession," she said, "with the worse-off students." She said the school...
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    This is taken from a British Farming forum. I thought it might be of interest. If anyone has any good suggestions I'll pass them along. BTW, anyone already packing a case...................bowhunting is not legal there.
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  12. Political Soapbox Refreshing news on one hand to see a company step back evil complicit greed, but on the other hand they should be embarrassed that it took such extreme insult on freedom from China to accept the right thing.
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    Today, with the missile strike into Pakistan that killed an Al Qaeda top gun, along with a number of civilians, Obama has, by leftist reasoning, become a war criminal. You can't have it both ways. Pakistan demands a halt to US drone strikes. Whitehouse refuses to comment.
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    I have been shooting every day for about 2 weeks now and it has gottin to the point where i cant even shoot my new bow because my middle finger is hurting soo bad i am only shooting a 35 or soo pound pulback bow and im using shooting gloves its not a stinging on fire type of pain it moor like i...
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    Marie nailed this tom at 8 yards this morning. 10" beard, 22# and 1" spurs.
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    I can't help but wonder why this bow doesn't get some press. Being an old geezer it sure has some appeal to me. Reminds me of my mis-spent youth. Anybody every taken one of these around the course? rusty
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    Not sure if I should post this or not, but I was sent this video on the internet. It upset the wife of a bowhunter friend of mine, and my own wife could not watch it. She's a good archer, but not a hunter. Anyway, I'm posting this advertisement for your comments, and you've probably seen it...
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    My "bow arm" elbow is giving me fits. The tip of the elbow is very tender to the touch and when I draw the pain is to the point my shooting is affected. I'm certain that my shooting is causing this. It doesn't bother me to much unless I draw the bow. Call this tennis elbow? Seems like a...
  19. Hunting Camp
    I just had to share this with you guys. My dad just told me yesterday that he has shot his 5th. deer this year in Illinois....I believe it was 3 with a bow, one with a shotgun and one with a muzzleloader. This has been his best season by FAR and has kind of made up for those many years of...
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    In the last month or so, I have gotten access to a local place with pigs on it. It is about 25 minutes from my house. In the last couple of weeks I have selected a couple of stand sites, and made the necessary arrangements with the pigs. All was set. On Friday afternoon, about 5:30 PM...