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    her draw length is 26 female archer
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    The bowyer Edward (Ted) McEwen was from the UK, and was formerly the editor of the Society of Archer Antiquaries Journal for many years and one of the foremost archery scholars of his generation. Edward was also world-renowned as a composite bow maker, turkish bows being his specialty. He also...
  3. Hunting Camp
    the translation is a little rough, but you can get the general idea. some of the heads look nice. Ken Kurosu 6 hrs · Sendai, Japan · Edited · . 皆さん,博物館に行くと様々な形の鏃が展示されていますね。 一般的な征矢以外に,写真のような平根,尖根,狩俣などの鏃があります。 特殊な形をしていたり,美しい透かしが入れられ,実践的な用途よりも美術工芸品としての要素が強い,などど解説されていることがあります。 が!,しかし・・・・,...
  4. Selfbow workshop
    I've been trying to research the suitability of this particular wood and run into a dearth of data on suitability. I live in Missouri and can certainly get access to better woods but just wondering if anybody had experimented with any varietals of Maple? This is a tree that has to come down for...
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    My good friends are in Japan for a while, and sent me these links: Check out the form those young archers display -- those are 60 meter shots! I also love the part of the write-up about the Edo period champion -- 8,132 arrows...
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    Looking around for a good nearby place to practice, I ran across a japanese dojo for archery. Now I don't think that they would favor a Dalaa camo bow, but I am thinking it looks interesting. Anyone else out there have any experience with this martial art? It is bow work, but very...
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    Does anyone have a picture of a Japanese shooting glove and perhaps an explaination of its use ?? I understand its use takes some of the pressure off of an arthritic drawing hand !!! I would appreciate it. My email is pbppc @
1-7 of 8 Results