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    The above event is just getting underway. I just watched the opening and the walk through of the competitors with the flags etc. I was rather bemused to see only one guy carrying the USA flag and no team mates . Just wondering what happened to all you sharp shooters, how come no one entered this...
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    to all my fellow archers shooting nationals tomorrow and this weekend... aim small , miss small.
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    Anyone know what’s a good indoor score shooting IFAA longbow?
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    I have been experimenting the last few weeks with a new set up for Indoor. I am using my new 21 inch Tempest Riser , fitted with Raptor longbow limbs . Today I shot my highest WA indoor round of 512 , I have a goal of getting to 520 in a few weeks if possible. Today I strung walk a little and I...
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    I shot my first NFAA tournament this past weekend. I did shoot great, but respectable for only shooting the distance and target size for 10 weeks. Most important to me was getting to meet and talk to so many great traditional archers who gave me advice and taught me so much. It was a...
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    I have my first Barebow target setup on its way. Should be here anytime now. Xspot riser, Uukah Evo2 Limbs, AAE Free Flyte rest and AAE Gold match plunger. This is not a spine debate question. I’m just curious to know what experienced Barebow shooters are using for arrows(brand,model) Thanks,Jeff
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    These threads seem to pop up every year and are always interesting. Haven't seen one this year so I thought I'd put it out there. What setups have you been playing with this year and which one have you decided upon now that we're in the heart of indoor season? Which shoots do you plan on...
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    Indoor season is here and I'm planning on getting some new fat arrows. I was looking at trying the Victory NVX 23 arrows. I have been currently shooting Victory VAPs for outdoor and I'm impressed with the price, performance, and durability of this arrow. So I'm looking at sticking with Victory...
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    How do you guys develop an anchor point? I want a smaller gap with my arrow tip sitting a the 6 O clock position. I would also like to be able to pull through my shot. Low Anchor- Pro-I feel like I get much better alignment and I can engage my back more. I break shots clean and I feel like I...
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    I'll be traveling to north east Ohio next week and I'm looking for a range to practice at for a few days. It would be awesome to meet up with and shoot with some new people as well. If you're in the area or know of any ranges please let me know. I'll be about an hour south of Cleveland and...
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    Hey guys. With top barebow archers who are shooting at the major competitions like the Lancaster or at Vegas, I noticed a lot of variety in form. Of course, the fundamentals are all there, but some have higher anchors, etc. Are these top shooters all shooting indoor rigs tuned to have a point on...
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    From the IBO Facebook page yesterday - "Due to the cancellation of the Sport, Travel and Outdoor show at the IX Center in Cleveland, Ohio, the IBO will not be holding an Indoor World Championship in 2018. When we received word that Erie Promotions did not renew their contract with the IX...
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    Hi, Usually I shoot 3D archery, that's all there's ever been. I'm toying with the idea of shooting a 18m / 20 yard indoor tournament. I shoot IFAA Bowhunter Recurve. This means a 25" riser (Spig. BB or CD WFX) and short/medium limbs at around 40# (I've a 27.5" draw length). I usually shoot 600...
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    I'm planning on shooting a couple indoor leagues this summer and I was wondering what everybody's thoughts on skinny arrows. It seems locally that most guys are using what I would consider line cutters. My thought is that the skinny arrow (ie. X impacts, VAP gamers) would allow my aiming point...
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    The indoor season is upon us, and my first as a stringwalker. I'm hoping to get some advice on how to select an aluminium arrow that will come close to getting the point on the target face. Currently, I'm shooting a Border Tempest 25in with XL CV-H limbs, giving 37.5lbs at 31 3/4in draw. I'm...
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    Title says it all, I am curious as to what poundage you folks run for Indoor and the same question for IBO 3d. I would like to shoot Trad Hunter but I am considering Modern Longbow as I happen to shoot this particular set up better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. TradTalk Main Forum Just checked the Saturday scores. Dewayne Martin is 3 up on John Demmer 286 to 283. Bobby Worthington in Senior Trad had a 291. Wish I was out there shooting. Maybe next year. Having trouble making this an active link. Somebody help me out.
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    Well, we are half way through the indoor nationals for USA Archery. I shot at the Lancaster location this year for the first time. The last four years I attended the Fiskdale Massachusetts venue. I did miss not being there this year for I heard they had over 800 shooters there. I think Lancaster...
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    My local shop is having an indoor fun 3D shoot Sat March 4th 10Am to 2PM. South of Syracuse in the middle of the Finger Lakes. Contact me with any questions. Moog may be there giving lessons :jk:
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