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    Someone asked me to make one of these for their das instead of the stainless steel shelf plate. More of a radius for fletching clearance and a more gentle strike. What do you think?
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    For those mastering Chinese archery, Justin Ma and Jie Tian have collaborated a new internet site and a new YouTube channel . . . regards, John
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    I recently received this first new 21" with improvements Dean and I came up with to make the 21 even better. This new version has 5 improvements over the earlier versions of the Dalaa. 1. Anodized finish - This brown/copper finish is light years better than the old powder coating. We had some...
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    Yup, just improved my shooting times a hundred!! Always knew there was something fishy about my release, so I did some research. Came across a video by Jeff Kavanaugh (my favorite archer on youtube) and he taught me something new! He anchors his middle finger in the corner of his mouth...
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    Last Sunday I was down in the dumps over my poor shooting at a 3-D shoot. Today I'm a happy clam. Shot yesterday and shot well and was very pleased with my performance. The only difference was I was shooting a Wes Wallace Mentor take down for the first time in a shoot and for some reason had...
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    This topic is kind of a spin off of Matt P's What triggers the release? I kind of go into several things here so I thought it best to start a new topic. I am a subconscious releaser. I don't think about the release, I just aim and when the sight picture is right the release just happens...
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    Ok, so I took all of your advise. I tried putting it together. The main things I am working on are being sideways to the target, or close to. Using back muscle tension release, and stopping snap shooting. Distance was 15 yards, and I have been shooting pretty good at 20 today as well. This...
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    Last fall I had to quit shooting fingers due to arthritis in my string fingers. I switched to a compound for about 3 months, but then couldn't stand carrying the weight of it. I switched back to shooting recurves and longbows, but with a release. Then I bought my first metal risered bow, a...
1-8 of 8 Results