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    For sale: ILF limbs. -Sebastian Flute Premium Plus; glass/wood; longs; 38# on 25" riser. (white). $70 tyd. -DAS (or Dalaa? I can't remember.); carbon/wood; mediums; 42# on a 25" riser (50# on a 17"); (Camo) $80 tyd. Limbs are used but in great...
  2. Bows
    I have some heavier ILF limbs. I picked most of these up a while ago. I got them for hunting, but haven't been hunting in a while now. I have Hoyt Gold Medalist 46# Mediums, carbon I believe , these look almost new $135 tyd Martin Aurora 44# shorts $150 Hoyt 300 Carbons 48# shorts very...
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    Team I'm looking for suggestion for a quiver for an ILF Longbow I plan on using this year. All suggestions welcome thank you Pete
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    Just thought I’d share in case anyone else potentially finds it interesting... Was messing around with bows in the basement the other night. Have a 21” Elite riser with ILF limb pads, and a 17” Dalaa prototype with DAS pads. The 21” had some 34 Long Kaya limbs on it that I was trying to back...
  5. Bows
    I'm trying to help a friend find a replacement fitting (or pair) like the one in the attached photo. He lost the cap screw, spring, and plunger from his other fitting and would like to find replacements. Please send me a PM if you can help him out. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
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    I have been posting back and forth on AT in the Fida Joad section about the 6 sided detent hardware on the new style Uuka limbs.Never seen anything like it.Anyone got some of these new limbs yet?
  7. Bows
    Up for sale I have a RH TBow ILF Recurve, Very good condition, only normal mounting marks on the limbs. 62” [email protected] Limbs are marked 40 but scale 45 maxed out and 39 backed out 3 turns. I took this bow on a trade. These bows are pretty high quality for the $$ $255.00 shipped to lower 48 states
  8. Bows
    Selling on behalf of a friend who doesn't have internet. 15" Riser. Used condition. Sharkskin handle wrap. He is asking for $300 shipped. More pictures at the following link: Thanks.
  9. Bows
     W/W NS wood core ilf limbs set 1 set #34/68'' $ 520.00 tyd 1 set #38/68'' $ 520.00 tyd
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    Anyone object to the idea of laying down plasti dip first then spray painting your favorite camo pattern on? Then all you have to do is peel it off. Instead of sanding then painting or just painting and it you want to take it off you have to use nail polish remover, denatured alcohol etc to get...
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    I'm just getting started in the ilf world and have picked up a Black Bear Warf bow and a Samick Discovery riser. The BB is 64"45# and i would like to set up the Discovery as a 60" 45 # bow. So med length limbs is what I want. Now the BB has BLACKMAX 2.0 on it and they are great. I'm thinking...
  12. Bow Projects
    Recently finished this ILF riser for a good mate. It's easily achievable. Hope it might inspire some to have a go at creating one for yourself or deserving others! :)
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    I was just perusing various archery Internet stores and I saw non-ILF limbs listed with numbers and the letter H (example: 14.5-19.5H). What do the numbers and the letter H mean?
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    Does anybody know anyone I can send my Gamemaster 2 off to to get the limb pockets machined so I can use ILF limbs?
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    Does anybody make a 13" all Carbon ILF Riser?
  16. Bows
    This set of limbs is marked 55# making a 56" bow, so Short limbs on a 15" riser. They are SHORT carbon/bamboo limbs dipped in Mathews Lost Camo and were top of the SKY line. They have been hunted with for two seasons so have some light scratches as to be expected. Very fast limbs. I weighed...
  17. Bows
    Bought these here from a gentleman who downsized. Mounted them on one of my risers, but these limbs open up too late for my draw length. Never took them hunting, only 2 afternoon trials in backyard with maybe 100 arrows through them. They have the synthetic core. Only shot with 12gpp or more...
  18. Warfin' Wall
    I heard Glen with Hawkeye manufacturing passed away. He used to make ilf plates for old PSE nova and Thunder flite risers that had plastic limb pads. Wondering if anyone else is making them or has an extra set. I want to use them on my dads old pse.
  19. Warfin' Wall
    Hi all, Have a Black Bear wanting to Warf but can't find machined ILF plates on ebay. Seen em before but I must have snoozed. Have seen Hawkeye as being a seller on some threads but haven't been able to track any down. Any thoughts or links to some? Much appreciated, Schess
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    I know GNOME has posted up LOVING his. I know they come in longs & extra longs. Anyone else tried them out?