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    Hello all. I have an old XI Impulse (Myles Keller) compound that I bought around 1993. Great bow in its day, other than being on the noisy side. Anyways, I'm trying to decide if this bow can be warfed for a hunting bow. Here are some specifics: Limb pockets are 4 1/4" long, and about 1...
  2. TradTalk Main Forum
    I've about had it with some people's mentality that my low-poundage 40-50 lb. hunting bows are only good for targets and small game. IMO, it's an insulting approach towards those that don't prefer to shoot heavy bows. What is it about some of the trad bowhunters these days? Is it just me, or...
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    To some of you this is going to be a really stupid question but I have not been able to find the answer so I am going to ask it. I understand the purpose of the stabilizers on the FITA bows. What I don't understnad is why they are so large and obtrusive. I see stabilizers like the S-coils and...
1-3 of 7 Results