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    Anyone know what’s a good indoor score shooting IFAA longbow?
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    hi does anyone here shoot ifaa barebow with gap shooting ? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    New 2017 International Field Archery Association (IFAA) . . . I don't know if anyone has posted these. ( . . . check out the Historical Bows section : thumb ring are allowed in certain cases . . . ) &#127993...
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    Here are the Day 1 results for the IFAA World Field Archery Championships Alan Eagleton leading the pack with a 455 for the non-sighted recurve shooters
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    Not your average 3D shoot...
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    Hi, can you tell me, what should I do to take a part in international IFAA shots like WBHC 2015? Should I have some sort of license like in other organizations? What if I`m not from country that is member of ifaa? I`m form Poland and I kow that there is a club that is associtated with IFAA, but...
  7. TradTalk Main Forum Dear Members, I would like to inform you, on the last week Hungary has held the IFAA World Bowhunter Championship. (with more than 1300 participant...) In the AMBB (Adult Men BareBow) class the first place won a hungarian...
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    Tourney is at the end of Aug, so far 1200 Archers have registered, the biggest div being Recurve Bowhunter making 34% of the total entries. Looking forward to the tourney, Hungary has always been a great venue for tourneys, it has always been well run with great terrain.:)
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    Dear All! Could be legal this bow with barebow weight + 12" stabilizer in IFAA AMBH(R) class ? Thank You in advance ! Best Regards! Zsolt
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    Here is some video footage of the barebow archers in action. I had a great vantage point to film them shooting the Fint round. Timo from Finland shot a new world record. Steve Morley had a great day too and moved up to 4th place. Here is the link:
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    Just looking at the results on the Ifaa web site. Found this... JMBU, 1st, Hearne, Peter, Australia. my name is Hearn, Peter, Australia and I never left home. :) Well done young fella ! Whoever you are ;)
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    Ifaa world is being shot now? this a is tuesday right? is that strange it not on a weekend?
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    Hi, I've shot IFAA Bowhunter Recurve style in local competitions. What is the most comparable style in World Archery 3D competitions? Links or photos appreciated. :) Regards, James.
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    I posted this the other day. I bought several of them when I bought them. The deal is in some shoots they don't allow marks on tab because that is a notebook. This is inscribed for 32# ACS RC with a 660 carbon one tune to 29.5". I trimmed leather to 1&7/16". I have another tab trimmed the...
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    Until now I have had only wooden bows ( Border ). For next season I want to try something different and I will attend the competitions according IFFA 3d Bowhunter Recurve class. IFFA Bowhunter Recurve allows metal riser and 12 inch stabilizer. I would like to know yours opinions about the bow...
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    IFAA World Indoors is in Estonia next March, come an play. Beautiful country/people (that's why I moved here:)), set in Parnu a beach/Spar resort, in March the sea will likely still be frozen and you can walk a few miles out into the Baltic sea. :)
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    From the IFAA rules, I'm not clear on a couple of things. "The plunger (where the stabiliser is screwed in) is part of the stabiliser." What is this referring to? I'm not familiar with a stab being screwed into a plunger. "There will be no classes in the Veteran Division and shooting styles...
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    A friend of mine wants to shoot the IFAA tourney in Yankton this year. Three of us shot the NFAA sectionals in KC last summer and I figured we would all shoot the NFAA outdoor coming up too. I guess they are back to back this summer. He thinks a lot of the folks going there will want to shoot...
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    My new IFAA Bowhunter recurve rig arriwed ! :-) - SF Forged+ riser - SF Elite + 38#@28" limbs It is super ! Zsolt
1-19 of 66 Results