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    Hoping to find out the maker of this bow. No writing on the riser. Limb bolts are recessed, and limb core and lams are laminated for width. Top limb being notched for sight window is unusual too. Workmanship is better than a do-it-yourself bow.
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    Hi all. First timer here...can you help me identify this bow I picked up at a garage sale? Thanks.
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    I need to buy new blades for this tool. But I think likely this company is out of business. I ordered some replacement blades for the True Center v2 tool but they are definitely the wrong size. I tried taking the blades off and sharpen them by hand but it still does not cut very consistent...
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    Hello Everyone, I stumbled onto this forum hoping I could get a little information on a Bow that I recently acquired. It looks great and appears to be in great shape as well. I have attached 2 Pics of the Bow and any identifying marks. I am not very well versed in traditional style Bows and...
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    Hi - This is one of two bows that were my Grandfathers. He is from Shawnee, OK. and the story was that the bows were Native American in origin, but the "Made In England" mark would appear to indicate otherwise. Appears to be all one piece other than the two horn nocks. The number "16" appears...
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    I was trying to find out more about my dad's old recurve takedown bow and came across this website. My dad said he met Mr. Carroll back in '72 in Moab, UT and after talking to him decided to get a bow made. He said they took his measurements and custom made the bow, but im guessing that was no...
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    So I am looking for my first trad bow mostly for hunting. I have heard a lot about the Warf bow, seems the Bear "Black Bear" bow is a very common bow to warf. Can anyone tell what bow this is? I know its a Bear. Its local and I can probably get if for 40$.
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    I recently obtained this bow from my grandfather, who is unsure of its origins. The bow states "No.9 1981 70# @ 28" it has "NIYANAN" on the lower limb. If anyone has info or any help it is appreciated. Thanks. Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk
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    I am having trouble finding the maker of my grandpas old bow.
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    I recently picked up a camo painted mag riser fred bear takedown with calipers and a compass, 64" limbs at 61#, limbs marked 3-1895, riser at 25 1/2" from latch to latch, latches are chrome with a black bear on each, there is no medallion, black limbs with white tips, can anyone identify model...
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    I got these three risers for next to nothing and wanted to know if someone could identify them and tell me if they could be warfed. The two green ones are bear risers and the camo one is a martin.
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    Hi Everyone. I need help identitying this bowyer & bow. It was given to me and I was told it was from a bowyer from England. Any ideas? Thanks! Bob
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    Bought this bow from a friend recently and would love to know more about it's origins. Written on it's limb is the name/model of the bow and the name of it's maker, just cant make it out. Would really appreciate any info any of you guys may have. thanks in advance,
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    I put my first post out a week or so ago asking for advise on how to get started in shooting a recurve bow. I received lots of good info and thanks again for that. I did look at some of the TradTalk Classic posts to gather info and started watching the for sale items and it hit me that my dad...
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    I have a DAS Master bow. On the riser, located at top and bottom of riser are two set screws on either side of the bow. They apparently are retaining a small screw or weight? I can't tell which and I don't want to start messing with things I don't understand. Can anyone tell me what these are...
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    I have a Hoyt Pro Medalist T/D 3 that I traded from Wilburn Wooten about 20 years ago...when I shot lefty. Have been shooting righty for rest of time. I ordered a RH riser from a fellow and it arrived today. Oops. The riser I have has a deep pocket with about a 1 in. front to keep the limbs...
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    In the image gallery, located in the ETAR photos submitted by Papa Bull, photo DSCF0093 a gentleman is holding a green stained maple r/d bow. Can someone identify this for me? I totally love the look........Thanks.......Tony
1-17 of 17 Results