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    Saw Cal at a local archery shoot and he told me to check out this site. This is my 50th archery season coming up. My first archery kill was a buck with a Hill longbow many many years ago. Shoot primitive with a Osage self bow but still use a recurve and longbow. Haven't shot one with my self bow...
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    Some of you may recognize my handle from over on TG and AT. I'm pretty active on both, mostly TG. Registered here last year and just lurked, mostly on the classifieds. Bought some Dorado limbs yesterday, LoL. Thought it was time for a first post/intro, cause lot of you prolly make this your...
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    I'm a newcomer to the forum, as if that wasn't obvious. I'm coming back to archery after a 17+ year layoff, because several of my children are very interested in it. My bow is a Damon Howatt Hunter, 60# HH 7591 AMO 62" (if anyone wants to date it for me, I bought it in late '88 or early '89). I...
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    Howdy all. Some of you might know me from other sites. Aka Magnus, Matt G. Look forward to getting to know some more folks.
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    So..... Whats been shakin?
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    Just joined TradTalk today, hello to everyone! I've noticed some Dalaa/Das shooters here and would like to ask a question. I have a new 21" Dalaa, 45lbs limbs, 28 1/4" DL, right-handed, and starting with a 8" brace. What carbon arrow should I start out with? I don't mind a longer shaft because...
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    NDT here, just registered and wanted to say howdy. Have to say I was happy to find a forum that shared my personal view of Trad. I believe if it doesn't have wheels at the limb tips you are shooting Trad, so let's just shoot bows & have fun. Nice to know a guy won't get jumped for talking...
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    Howdy Im new to the forum and just thought I'd say Hi!
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    To All, Been lurking a while, reading and learning a lot of really good stuff from Y'All, and I thought it was about time I stepped forward and said "Howdy". I'm a reformed "ex-wheelie" archer of about 26 years, with only about a year under my belt shooting Traditional equipment. So... I find...
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    Just a Newbie here saying Hello to All! :shooting:
1-10 of 10 Results