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    I new here from the UK just picked this bow up and was trying to find some info on it, any help would be grateful thanks
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    What year did the Hunter become FF safe? Thank you
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    Hello, I'm totally new to archery and bows in general and I wanted to try it for a long time. Today my first bow arrived and it's very beautiful! I really like the coloring, the wood and the craftsmanship. The bow is a bit worn but I think it still holds up pretty well. I started doing some...
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    This is a 1972 Damon Howatt Coronada recurve in very good condition. New string, new rug rest and side plate. Limbs are straight and no holes drilled in riser. 50# @ 28". Number on bow is HO2901, AMO 60". $135.00 tyd in the lower 48 only. PayPal or US Postal Money Order Only.
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    I have a damon howatt high speed, was wondering if anyone would know what the brace height range would be for it. It is a shooter and hunting traditional for the first time this year. Something pure about it for sure. Thanks for any help. Sent from my SM-J727T using Tapatalk
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    I recently bought a Damon Howatt Ventura. On the inscriptions it says 38# @ 28" HV 1349 AMO 66". Was this bow made in 1971?
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    **Sorry re-posted to the Classics forum but I don't know how to delete this one** I recently bought a Damon Howatt Ventura. On the inscriptions it says 38# @ 28" HV 1349 AMO 66". Was this made in 1971?
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    Hi friends of the Damon Howatt Hunter. I bought one not long ago second hand and tried to find out the best brace height. My Hunter (build 1998, with fast flight tips): 62" bow, 50 lbs "on fingers", 29.5" draw length. I tried BH between 6 3/4 and 7 3/4". The sound of the bow does not seem to...
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    Anyone ever own one of these?They appear to only have been made for one year,1975.
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    Thanks for the history on my Super Diablo! I have 2 Hunters also. One is my current shooter, and the other one I'm going to refinish. Can anyone tell me anything about these 2?
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    I have a Super Diablo that is a little too heavy for me now. I bought it just because I found one locally and always wanted one. Its time to pass it on to someone who will use it. Anybody know anything about its age and history? I'd like to be able to tell the new owner just what he's getting.
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    i may shoot my damon and howatt hunter at snowshoe in july and i was going to start making some arrows that shoot as flat as possible because i suck at guessing yardage. i usually shoot a 8gpw in that bow and it likes it but 8gpw is not as flat a trajectory as i shoot with my samich i shoot a...
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    Morning everyone, I'm new here, and a newer archery enthusiast. I need some help with a Howatt Hunter I'm considering buying. It looks pristine but I was surprised to see it's an origional howatt (I thought it was a newer martin) Serial number HH 9170. I want to know (noob question here) can I...
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    I have recently purchased a Ventura and would like to know a little about it, year of make etc. Its marked: 38#28" HUP 3165 ANIO 66" at least that's what I think is says the hand written capital letters are not easy to read. Also what arrows would people recommend. I have a draw of 28.5" and am...
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    I shot a Damon Howatt Monterey back in the early 70's (I'm 80 this year) and was sad when it had to go. I have just found a Hunter on the internet and am so looking forward to having such a fine instrument in my possession again. If there is anyone else in the UK with a similar bow, I would love...
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    I bought a used Howatt Hunter. I'm unsure when it was made, what type of wood was used in the riser, and was hoping someone might know more about it than I do. Thanks in advance, Terry
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    Do I have this information correct: Earlier than 1963----First digit of serial number was I.D. # bowyer who made it. #1 was Peter Braur, #2 was Jim Hook (after '58/'59), #3 was Darwin Baldridge, 4_____________,5____________,#6 was T.J. Stewart, pre 1958, (brother of Bill Stuart)...
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    Hello, I am new to archery and have a question about the brace height on the above recurve bow. It is a 38# 28" draw 66" bow. I bought a string for it that is for a 66 length but the best I can get is a 5 1/2" brace height. I'm guessing this is not proper. Any suggestions are welcome.
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    Hello all, I'm curious to know what your thoughts are to reshaping grips on wooden risers. The reason I ask is that I have a Martin Dreamcatcher which has a grip that fits my hand like it was poured into it, but I just bought a used Martin Hunter, and the grip is totally different. The...
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    Hi New in here from Denmark. I just bought this DHH bow and wanted to hear if Anyone in here could help med with some info about it. Such as age etc. And maybe what string to chose to it. Some of the numbers is missing becours the limbs have been shaved at som point to Lose som pounds. The guy i...