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    Ive built my fair share of bows and i want to build this one but im looking for Measurements ...handle ,riser, nock width basic layout for a bow like this...i almost started and was going to go by eye...thank you
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    Gentlemen, I just purchased a used Howard Hill Tembo, 70", [email protected], it arrived to my door yesterday. It is a beautiful bow but I have one concern and a question that maybe you guys can answer. The grip on this bow is very narrow and knife edged and while drawing and shooting it kinda makes my...
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    Due to injury and age I have had to lighten my draw weight and have been shooting mostly light target recurves shot barebow 3 under. But I found in classifieds a light Howard Hill Redman, yew limbs and a cocobolo riser. It is only 66" long and I draw it to a weight in the mid 30s. My draw is...
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    It seems to be a fashion on these threads to call Howard Hill the "greatest archer of all time". I contend that Howard wouldn't place in the top ten of todays current recurve shooters. I think the term should be " greatest marketed archer of all time". Howard did wonders in bringing attention...
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    Well, my mild case of Howard Hill fever seems to have gone into a full blown case of this dreaded disease. Here are a Bama Classic and a Jerry Hill Wildcat I picked up used while waiting on Craig to build my new Half Breed. Sheesh!
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    Help me solve my Bow arm malady?
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    Howard Hill (November 13, 1899 - February 4, 1975) Love to watch the video shorts. Happy Birthday, Mr. Hill. Matt
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    Any Howard Hill bow fans here? Or Hill Style? If so, why do you like or even love them? For the record, I have a few, I love them. Not for speed, not for the "lack" of hand shock, but for some reason, I still love them. Thoughts? Matt
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    Thought everyone might like to have a look at the trophy lion that Howard Hill shot while in Africa making the film "Tembo." Stinson is pointing to the hole in the lion's head where Howard shot it right between the eyes! Enjoy
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    Are there any Howard Hill longbow shooters out there? I am going to be putting in a request for a custom bow from the Howard Hill site, and I wanted some feedback from anybody that has owned or used one. I know they are mostly used for hunting, but I am more into target and 3 D shoots. They are...
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    Been a couple weeks since I posted any pieces because the last couple I have done were surprises for someone who frequents the archery sites. Should be able to post that one soon as it should have been given to the person this weekend at a pig hunt. Just started work on this photo of Howard...
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    Just wondering if any of y'all will be attending. This will be my first time there and I'm really looking forward to it. It's about a 2.5 hour drive for me and I'll be heading down Friday evening. Got a brand new longbow to use as well as my Hoyt Excel. Can't wait, just hope the weather is good.
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    The 5th Howard Hill Southeastern Classic will be June 5th, 6th & 7th at Tannehill Historical State Park, between Birmingham & Tuscaloosa, AL. Free Supper Friday & Saturday nights, door prizes, We have several Nationally known Vendors that are coming and a few that most probably will be here...
  14. The Philosophical Archer
    This is just a little hypothetical story I thought up... Ok, first of all I know Howard Hill was a great archer. Yes I have a lot of respect for the man. But recently I've been mucking around through aiming methods and form variations throughout the past century. Now most of us know Howard...
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    I would like to compile a list of manufacturers of Howard hill bows since the man started? I know Craig Ekin at Howard hill archery has his system and keeps track of the relatively new productions a good link to start is: Tim Meigs worked...
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    are there any videos out there of Howard shooting field tournaments?...someone told me when he shot field tournaments he shot target style with the bow held that true?...also could you just imagine the strange looks he would get from todays archers if he walked up to the 80 yard...
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    I was just reading Howard Hill's Hunting the hard way and on page 28 he say's he is shooting a 110# bow and 700gr arrows. I don't think this guy knew what he was doing. Didn't he know that he needed to shoot 10gr per pound out of his long bows? I wonder if his warranty was no good shooting that...
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    I picked up some 2117's that were once made by Easton for jack Howard and it's kind of sparked my interest in reading about his bows and exploits as both a hunter and a target shooter. I can across a reference to a stretchy string material that Jack prefered to use on his bows and supposedly...
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    Howard seemed to shoot pretty accurately, yet I never hear about back tension in the Hill style. Which begs the point, in trad barebow shooting is it the end all, be all that it is made out to be? With the Wilhelm apple video being posted, another great shot was Andy Vail. Hugh Rich said at one...
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    I just saw a "short" on one of the outdoor shows. Shows Howard Hill skindiving and shooting his bow underwater, yes a longbow, he shoots a shark underwater. Anyone know a source for the old Howard Hill movies shorts, I have the full length ones.