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    22 yards,
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    Was out shooting my Attila's Archery horse bow the day before at a small foam block target, (the kind you kick around), at about 16 to 17 yards. Typically after hitting the block it rolls over on impact presenting a new side to shoot. Well after hitting the block it rolled back 90 degrees with...
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    A big shout out to Rod Jenkins who came up to the Yukon this summer and saved my shot. He would say he just showed me the way to improve my shot but it took Rod saying "you are almost out of control" to shock me into settling down and recovering my shot. It's taken four months of steady work and...
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    As MythBusters "proved" conclusively that it is impossible to robin hood to the point, here is a picture of a robin hood to the point. Nothing like pulling an arrow out of the hay bale and discovering that Klingons really exists. Pete
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    Got my first Robin Hood Warfed DAS Rambo I got from Steve Long.. I had some Black Max glass-wood limbs pulling about 40lbs. Screwing around setting this bow up in my garage and was shooting pretty good from about 35 feet. Don't know if I like messing up good arrows
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    I have known George for over 40 years We grew up together We grew up doing our best impression of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn along the Monocasy Stream We did a lot of shooting as kids like most rural kids do Well George moved away almost 20 years ago You can imagine my suprise and joy when I...
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    After a long stint with wheel bows, I could no longer ignore the voices in my head to shoot a stick and string. I think it is some sort of disease as I have only been at it a couple months and just ordered my 3rd bow. Compounds were/are no where near as problematic. Anyway, got my first Robin...
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    Just stopped for the night on my return trip to ND after a great weekend spent at Raptor Archery at Rod Jenkins' Shooting Clinic. I was badly injured in a fall back in April and wasn't able to do any shooting. Both Rod and Ted told me not to worry, that not being able to shoot would not limit...
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    Shot these Redline 360s I got from stevelong. They came with G nocks but the nocks were of different sizes so I swopped them for normal nocks, not a good idea! These arrows are nearly 33" long and tuned slightly weak with 125gr points. They are really nice arrows and seemed to shoot extremely...
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    Fooling around with the gap difference between two anchors and I get my first Robin Hood ever. I've busted nicks before but I never stuck one. Would have been cool if I was shooting groups. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm traveling from ND to OR to visit family next summer. While there I'm going to attend Rod's clinic at Raptor Archery in Hood River, OR on the 19th and 20th of July! Hoping to meet a few TradTalkers there. Anyone else out there planning to attend?
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    My second Robin Hood in a month. This one at 15m. What are the odds of that? At least I made two shots exactly the same.
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    Lots of "Bear Talk" has been going on lately in the trad forums...meanwhile I've been glued to my new Falco Force for nearly a month now and the past week? SuperK was looking a bit the point that I kinda forgot just how smooth it is and finally decided to give the Falco a night...
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    Interesting experience combining US & Chinese technology (dryad+hoyt+oulay) with a Quebec island birch tree stump - you'll notice that the top arrow is pushed further through the stump than the lower one & in line & behind it is another arrow...dryad & oulay seem to be good to me - M.
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    I also made the shirt and vest.
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    So, Got out to the range for an hour tonight. Shot from 10 yards and did fairly well for a first time shoot! (Second time if you count the milk jug in the field for a half hour) This is how I did...
  17. Watering Hole
    This might be old news to y'all, but I still find this very entertaining. The music could annoy some people, so viewer discretion is advised.. -bm.
1-18 of 46 Results