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    Gets the arrow closer to the eye. Gaps are smaller. I have a better anchor with 3 under. I have a cleaner release with three under. 1 and 2. 1, 2, 3. None of the above.
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    Hey Guys, Just a quick one I am finding the longer I hold at draw the more my accuracy drops. When I am shooting my best I draw, settle into anchor aim/hold 3-5 secs and then shoot,shooting like this I can group under 4inches at 15 yards. As I am still learning and trying to improve as we all...
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    i went to a second anchor point with my thumb base knuckle under ear in the pocket, well before i was having a hard time holding but now moving to that other anchor point i can hold now why is this i dont get it?
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    Going to put taking new orders on hold for now - I am having a knee replaced 12/21. Hope to be back at it in early January. Thanks to all for the support.
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    How long should you hold your draw when you practice? And how long should you be able to hold it? How do you determine if you can move up to the next bow weight, or rather if you are over bowed ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For several weeks my shooting has been on the decline.... I competed this summer with a 45# longbow and did well. When I recently transitioned to a Barebow rig in preparation for the Lancaster Classic, I set it up at 39/40# and just dominated it. I was shooting a half FITA indoor 18m in the...
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    I was shooting an American Longbow today, with my usual relaxed barebow grip, and noticed a lot of after shot movement and twist of the bow in my hand. This made me wonder what the correct longbow grip is? Are you supposed to grip it firmly? How hard do you hold it?
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    I have read a couple of articles wherein the writer mentions holding the arrows with "the Apache hold" while drawing down on the target. Just what is the "Apache hold?" The nearest I can figure is holding the arrow to the string with thumb and first finger of the hand that pulls the string, as...
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    Hey guys... i've got a problem per se.. I'm a solid shot and do very well but I can't seem to be able to hold for any length of time at anchor. Ideas? Practices? I figured I'd just start drawing the bow back and holding over and over without firing... needless to say that's slowly getting...
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    How long should u hold an anchor?
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    I don't think I could. I'd probably let fly and the arrow would land who knows where..... A small bird lands on Josh William's guitar at the Doyle Lawson Bluegrass Festival while he's singing... Watch his reaction as, fascinated by the little creature, he keeps his composure and finishes the...
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    This question may seem a little funny to some but Im fairly new to this traditional thing. You see I have always had a compound except for my pearson recurve that was the first bow that I ever had. A couple of years ago I ordered a Quinn Black Stallion and was super excited and anxious to get to...
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    I am fairly new to the "TT," and I don't know if this is the thing you guy's and gal's out there talk about, but I really need to get some other woodsmans perspective on. I just got the sportsman channel in a new T.V. package and have like it for the most part. But there is one hunter that's...
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    I have an old Bear spring-arm 8 arrow quiver that I'd like to use, but unfortunately the arrows are very loose - the 1916's I bought for this bow are too skinny for the arrow holders. Anybody know of a way to make them tighter? Thanks!
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    Hey, just wondering how long you gap shooters typically take to shoot after you hit anchor? I am considering trying to learn to gap, going to 3 under, and I'm wondering if this requires going down quite a bit in weight so as to be able to hold longer. I normally take about 1-2 seconds to shoot...
1-15 of 25 Results