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    I have the itch for a Hill style longbow. I’ve owned them before so I know they are slow and some have hand shock. I’m looking at a HH tembo. I can’t decide what grip to go with between the trad straight grip, dished or locator. Locator might fit me better since I shoot low wrist recurves.
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    Ive built my fair share of bows and i want to build this one but im looking for Measurements ...handle ,riser, nock width basic layout for a bow like this...i almost started and was going to go by eye...thank you
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    Up for sale I have a Heavy Weight Hill Style Longbow. RH. 62” [email protected](yes 93) This bow is built like a Wesley special with multiple bamboo Laminations. Sell for $265.00 shipped to lower 48 states or trade for ILF riser or limbs of equal value.
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    My first bow was a Howard Hill "Westley Special", 50#@28. I shot it for a few months, split finger instinctive, and got nowhere with it. Eventually I put it away and forgot about archery. About six months ago the bug bit again, and I have been shooting barebow recurve (USAA rules) in a league...
  5. Hunting Camp
    Wife and I are pretty picky with our tags. Here are a few of the 50+ we passed on this morning. Was looking to fill a couple antlerless unless a big buck came out. Not many big bucks in my area, they don’t usually make it past 3.5.
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    I have some hard rock maple shafts coming in for my 68"/53#@28" Jet Safari Premier Hill style ASL and was feeling a little anxious regarding what sort of point weight might be needed as in recent talks with Kevin Forrester I spec'ed them at 65# spine and they'll be tapered for 30"s long when...
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    I wasn't going to video to much this year at Denton and didn't even bring my bigger camera out. In fact I didn't video anything the whole first day. So many people came up and thanked me for the prior videos I kinda felt bad :) so on Saturday I started videoing using my small camera I use for...
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    Hi guy's I want to buy a Hillstyle longbow,But I do not know which one to choose. I come from china。In China, many people like the longbow like BlackWidows PLX this style. Here, BlackWindows, JavaMan and Blacktail are very famous brands, but few people use Hill long bow. So I want to get some...
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    We just dropped a quick video of the 2016 ETAR event (Denton hill) on YouTube. Unfortunately the rain prevented us from getting more in filming day. Can't wait for Denton next year!
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    Anyone else planning to attend ? I will be driving down on Wednesday. Hope to stay till Sunday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Any info on this 2016 Trad. Shoot? Any body shot this Pennsylvania rendeavour before?
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    Well here is my video of this years ETAR @ Denton Hill I was blessed this year to have the Turners Joel and BODIE fly in to my home and be my guest We camped behind my buddy Rays Cabin a Denton and we had a blast I'm in a hurry to get to work so.......much more to come and many pics also One...
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    Just got off the phone with Joel Turner For those of you that do not know Joel he is a very talented archer who is also a Police Officer / SWAT Sniper Team Leader He was also featured on Masters Of The Bare Bow and is very well known for his work when it comes to target panic and more...
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    Gentlemen, I just purchased a used Howard Hill Tembo, 70", [email protected], it arrived to my door yesterday. It is a beautiful bow but I have one concern and a question that maybe you guys can answer. The grip on this bow is very narrow and knife edged and while drawing and shooting it kinda makes my...
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    Due to injury and age I have had to lighten my draw weight and have been shooting mostly light target recurves shot barebow 3 under. But I found in classifieds a light Howard Hill Redman, yew limbs and a cocobolo riser. It is only 66" long and I draw it to a weight in the mid 30s. My draw is...
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    All I can say is Denton Hill was a blast this year. Was it the great weather ? Was it the great turn out ? Was it because my good buddy Ray won the Eagle Eye I think it was because of all the great people that I have been so blessed to get to know and what they have brought to my shooting...
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    For the Guru's out there on Hill Bows and limb mass weight. 45 pound Hill Bow at 70 inches? OK,,too much limb mass weight and sure the Bow is gonna draw easy but be a dog for speed. 50 pounds and under maybe 66 in length and more efficient. The mass weight of the limbs on a Hill style, or...
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    Can anyone point me in the right direction for a hotel not to far out from denton hill state park? I would very much appreciate it
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    Congrats to Skunklady for winning the Howard Hill Shoot today !! a Buckle and a Bow ! Cal
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    Anybody shooting the team shoot in Kennerdell, PA this saturday?