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    According to the 14th century korean military service exam, to pass the strength test the candidate needs to shoot a 3703 grain arrow at 105 yards (converted to imperial units)
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    contact for details, ship from canada fiberglass limbs with horn + laminated wood siyahs [email protected]"
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    the farm we shot at is too small so we had to use 1000 grain arrows.
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    Up for sale I have a Heavy Weight Hill Style Longbow. RH. 62” [email protected](yes 93) This bow is built like a Wesley special with multiple bamboo Laminations. Sell for $265.00 shipped to lower 48 states or trade for ILF riser or limbs of equal value.
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    I'm currently shooting 100 grain field points and 100 grain Montec G5 broadheads, and they both fly just fine for me. But I'd like to try some heavier 2 bladed broadheads that are more traditional. I'm shooting a recurve that's 49# at 28", but I draw it to 31". I'm shooting Beman Centershot...
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    2 weeks ago i started on my off days shooting a 50 lb bow 2 days a week for 30 arrows each session being very strict to keep my form( it takes me 1 hour to shoot the heavy bow and still keep good form). For indoors i have been shooting 32 lbs and I usually shoot about 38 on my fingers for field...
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    I thought it might be of interest to point out that conventional limbs are more efficient when shooting heavier arrows. Using Pete Ward's test of the humble 45# Samick Sage he clocked a 352 gr arrow at 179fps and a 472gr arrow at 159fps. The heavier arrow gained 1.5 ft/lbs of KE. There...
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    Hey all, Anyone know where I can get FP's in 150, 175 and 200grains? Only place I've found is GrizzlyStiks and they have a pretty crappy rep for their products and business practices. Thanks,
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    Sent my backup Mybo Elite back to UK due to warranty issue, so set up my Bosen Stronghold 25" barebow as a target rig to train at home. Bosen Stronghold 25" silver with full riser weight on + Cartel hunter/barebow heavyduty rest + Shibuya Dx plunger + Davis System sight with damper + Axcel Sjef...
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    It is widely believed that arrows built with a lot of weight up front will produce better penetration on tough game. I am not just speaking of heavier arrows, which I am sure will penetrate better than light ones, but arrows with a high percentage of weight concentrated at the point (EFOC)...
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    Can you help with the answer to this question? Once we settle on a desired broadhead weight, is there any advantage in buying a lighter version of that broadhead and making the desired weight by adding a heavy adapter, compared with just buying a version of that broadhead in the desired...
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    So?...about a year ago I had my first Hex7 CH that was 60"/45#'s and seeing it loved stiffly spined heavy arrows?...I wound up getting Utopian like results using .350 spine CX Mayhem Hunter shafts cut too 29"s sporting 250gr screw-ins. Now?...while they proved just a touch too stiff to hit tune...
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    I bought a Sage Sammick with 35# limbs. I have been shooting 400 spine arrows and it's obvious that the bow is not tuned correctly and that these aren't the right arrows for it. They don't hit straight into the target. I only bought the Sammick to work on form with a lighter weight bow. I'll...
  14. Special Projects
    I hope this dosen't get me banned from here. I'm simply relaying the info for the HBS folks to know where to go. Matt Hamilton (founder of the HBS) has given me control of this, and I have moved it to a forum where I can manage it. Rick
1-16 of 186 Results